Clyde’s Kudos: June 2023

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Clyde’s Kudos: June 2023


Division of Student Affairs Employees | UCCS Pre-Collegiate


Adam Greenbrier | Ben Matson | Cindy Joos | Heather Allen | Jenna Press | Jenna Press & Kayla Gronseth Boyer | Jennifer Newcomb | Jeremy Click | Jon Dewitt and Omar Montoya | Julie Torkelson & Justin Shank | Katherine Mullett | Kayla Gronseth Boyer | Michelle Dorne


To: Division of Student Affairs Employees
From: Heather Allen

It would take too long to thank each and every one of you, SO THANK YOU DIVISION OF STUDENT AFFAIRS!
Thank you to each and every one of you for showing up every day, your passion for our students, your team, coworkers, and campus.
Know you are appreciated, valued, and an important part of our division.

To: UCCS Pre-Collegiate
From: Dr. Nancy Hernandez

As of June 30th, the UCCS Pre-Collegiate Team will have seen 107 middle and high school students over the course of 4 weeks.  This will have included supporting our scholars with college classes, workshops, activities, volunteer work, transporting them in UCCS vans and cars, providing 1st aid (only 1 instance, don’t jinx it), picking up breakfasts, supervising at lunch, and countless points of contacts with all our students and their families.  It’s meant many early mornings, late evenings, some overnights and a couple of weekends.  This is often a thankless job.  Our scholars get to see the fun stuff, the organized stuff, the controlled chaos and the coordinated responses to last minute changes.  Behind the scenes, it’s been months of work and long hours of preparation with lots of running, jumping and pivoting.  It’s amazing work but also exhausting.  So, for our team who won’t get all the Thank You’s they deserve, here is one THANK YOU from me and an enormous KUDOS for all the work you have done in our Summer Academic Institute.  It’s a privilege to be on this team.  Pre-Collegiate Chant!  Pre-Collegiate Chant!  Pre-Collegiate Chant!  FAFSA!  Love you all!


To: Adam Greenbrier
From: Lucy

Adam is our Sim IT Specialist in the Simulation Lab.  On one recent lab day, several pieces of essential technology were all malfunctioning simultaneously.  Consulting with Adam over the phone, he decided to just immediately come in earlier than scheduled and solve the problems.  He has done this multiple times, without complaint.  We appreciate his flexibility and quick thinking.  

To: Ben Matson
From: Zak Kroger

Ben always goes above and beyond to help me with tech related issues. From small things like granting student employee access to things, as well as helping to recreate an online reservation system, he is always extremely helpful, insightful, and quick to respond.

To: Cindy Joos
From: Anon.

Cindy is the Executive Assistant for our College, and does amazing work to ensure our working space is comfortable, continuously picks up additional duties to ensure workplace success, and truly cares about our students, faculty, staff, and university! Cindy truly owns her job and the pride associated with owning your job is evident in everything that Cindy does. There is not enough recognition in the world, but Cindy deserves this as a small surprise! Thank you for everything you do, Cindy! 

To: Heather Allen
From: Polly Knutson

Thank you Heather for all of the support and guidance you provide to the University. You are the glue that holds the division together!

To: Jenna Press
From: Gabby Hensley

Jenna has been a life saver with the Viewbook project that we have been working on together. She was able to take the long list of content we needed and masterfully condense it down into manageable pieces. I am excited with how this has turned out and we couldn’t have done it without her. Thank you!!   

To: Jenna Press & Kayla Gronseth Boyer
From: Polly Knutson

Thank you both for your guidance and patience! 

To: Jennifer Newcomb
From: Anon.

Jennifer is the Academic Support Professional for my department, Leadership, Research, and Policy. Jennifer is not only an extremely organized and efficient professional, but she is a cheerful and kind individual. More than once this year, her positive and amicable disposition has lifted my mood and encouraged me. Jennifer, I want you to know that you are a gift to our organization! 

To: Jeremy Click
From: Anon.

I just wanted to give a big ‘shout-out’ to Jeremy Click. Speedtypes…boy…he gets the award for ‘best teacher to help un-do numbers confusion’ with my current level of training/understanding. 😊  I have pulled on him repeatedly for assistance with the knee-deep details of speedtypes (and journal entries), and Jeremy has demonstrated rock solid education to me.  He will take the time to break everything down on a microscopic level for me to intellectually understand the “why” and reasoning behind. This is a huge strength of his, he helps educate me to think in a ‘higher-level’ mode to understand and grasp ‘why we do what we do’ with ST’s and JE’s.  I appreciate how he is straight-forward and quickly gets to bottom of things, he is excellent at knowing (or finding) the direct answer quickly. He has played a huge role in my ST training, really appreciate his expertise and he always freely help’s others.

To: Jon Dewitt and Omar Montoya
From: Ellen Burkart

Jon and Omar have gone above and beyond to welcome and help onboard our new Learning Communities Program Director. The amount of time that they have spent and are spending to ensure that the new Program Director is set up well in their new role is impressive, thoughtful, and so meaningful to helping to build our learning communities team.

To: Julie Torkelson & Justin Shank
From: Jenny Russell

Julie & Justin just started in the office but have hit the ground running. Their positivity, excitement to learn, and hard work have already created an outstanding work environment and are leading to improved processes and reports! 

To: Katherine Mullett
From: Tori 

Thank you for always helping make Campus Rec a better place. Your hard work is appreciated, and I couldn’t do it without you!

To: Kayla Gronseth Boyer
From: Eric Nissen

The university’s primary external emailing platform, eComm, serves over 50 campus users with which they send hundreds of thousands of emails each year. Recently, a major migration has been occurring within this system to provide recipients of these emails a better system for indicating their preferences and receiving only the content they are interested in. This migration is nothing short of a new set of email preference categories, a reorganization of all business units, and a recreation of content, lists, and classifications for all users.

This project has been massive, and Kayla has led and coordinated it all, handling much of the significant detailed work herself to ensure project deadlines are met with accuracy and with minimal user disruption. UCCS has hardly noticed this major effort because of the extraordinary work Kayla has done behind the scenes to keep our systems running smoothly for users and recipients of our communications. No one would notice this work unless it wasn’t very well executed, and Kayla has ensured it has been a seamless migration with poise and positivity.

To: Michelle Dorne
From: Anon.

Michelle has been an outstanding chair for Anthro! She is solution-minded and always quick to jump in to help find answers. She has a brilliant mind, very intelligent in how she things and operates. She makes Anthro better in every way!  She is compassionate and truly cares about others!

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