UCCS Faces of Pride 2023

Earlier this month, the Multicultural Office for Student Access, Inclusiveness, and Community (​MOSAIC) and the LGBTQ+ Resource Center launched “UCCS Faces of Pride,” an initiative that began in the summer of 2021 to highlight the diversity and intersectionality of the LGBTQ+ community at UCCS. As part of the initiative, participants were asked to explain what Pride means to them. Below are responses provided from MOSAIC and the LGBTQ+ Resource Center

Visit MOSAIC and the LGBTQ+ Resource Center’s Facebook and Instagram to see more. If you would like to submit yourself for Faces of Pride, the submission form will be open until the end of June. Check back with this article again later for updates as they come in.

Kane (he/they)

Kane is a proud bisexual on the aromantic spectrum who
manages too many UCCS-related accounts. Pride to them means
being able to express his unfiltered feelings and thoughts without fear of queer-phobia.

Rafael (he/él)

Pride to Rafael signifies a rupture from an oppressive system that would otherwise deem difference as dangerous through a collective embrace of acceptance and love, that comes from courageous trans women of color and asks of us to continue the fight to ensure justice
occurs for our most marginalized.

Taylor (they/them)

Taylor is a self-described creative queer individual. They view pride as an action, and above all: a riot.

Ryder (they/them)

Ryder is a funny, bluntly honest, and helpful member of the UCCS community! They say, “Pride to me means accepting who you are and not allowing others opinions change you.”

Andréa (she/her)

Andréa is a goofy, nerdy, caring, septum-wearing, tattoo-obsessed bisexual who reads so much she decided to go to school for it! Pride to her means honoring yourself and who you are, in whatever stage you’re in and however that may look for you.

Caitlyn (she/her)

Caitlyn says, “I would describe myself as a fun, laid-back friend, and as someone who was ignored and left out in middle school, I believe that everyone should be included and everyone’s voices deserve to be heard.” To her, pride means being proud of who you are and loving yourself.

Hayden (he/they)

To Hayden, pride means “living as yourself with no apologies.”

KD (they/them)

KD, who is quite out-going for an introvert, sees pride as a means to keep fighting for rights and will not stop even if change has been made.

Micah (they/them)

Micah is a spontaneous fun-loving adventurer! To them, pride is hope: a reminder that you will find chosen family and people that are loving and supportive no matter who you are.

Cassidy (she/they/he/fae)

Cassidy, a genderfluid bi person who leans more towards women, sees pride as showing up for your values and recognizing your own value and worth. Pride to them is also about being it without caring too much about what others think.