PawPrints is moving to the Lion OneCard 

The UCCS pay for printing service known as PawPrints will be switching to a new product called PaperCut, which can be used with Clyde’s Cash on the Lion OneCard and Mobile ID, effective July 1, 2023. 

PawPrints will no longer bill students’ bursar accounts directly for printing. Instead, all printing will be billed through Transact Mobile Credentialing, known as Lion OneCard Mobile ID, using Clyde’s Cash. Students, faculty and staff can easily create a Lion OneCard Mobile ID account and conveniently add Clyde’s Cash funds using a mobile device. 

“We are excited to expand the offerings of the Lion OneCard Mobile ID and make it easier for campus members to print on campus,” said Katie J. Parker, OIT project manager. “This pay-as-you-go solution will avoid cumbersome balances on students’ bursar accounts and allow them to add funds through their mobile device.” 

The change simplifies how students pay for printing by removing unwieldy bills on accounts in the Bursar’s office. Instead, by utilizing a pay-as-you-go model students only need to allocate the funds needed for their exact printing needs. It’s easy to use; supports printing from on-campus student computers in student commons areas, open computer labs and classrooms; and supports mobile and web printing. The cost of the printing package will no longer be billed to students’ UCCS student accounts. 

Please note that charges for printing will be automatically deducted from your Clyde’s Cash, so you must have a positive balance in your Clyde’s Cash account to print. 

Find more information about printers, how to print through Find Me Printing (previously known as Follow You Printing), color printing and other services provided through PawPrints here: PawPrints Services.  

Learn how to set up and manage your Lion OneCard Mobile ID here