Photo Feature: UCCS Distinguished Professors Reception

UCCS celebrated the 2020 and 2022 Distinguished Professors at a reception on February 23. Terry Boult (2020), Robert von Dassanowsky (2020), Dorothea Olkowski (2022) and Carlos Paz de Araujo (2022) were all recognized at the event. The Distinguished Professor title is the the highest honor that the university bestows to faculty members.

Terry Boult, the founder of the world’s first and only Bachelor of Innovation degree and a pioneer in multiple research fields, was recognized in 2020. Boult’s early research is still in use in MRI machines throughout the world. He created a new subfield for machine perception and his work in visual surveillance and long-range imaging is used by cruise lines and military bases.

Robert von Dassanowsky, one of the world’s top scholars in Austrian Studies and an internationally-recognized expert in Central European culture, was also recognized in 2020. Dassanowsky is founding director of Film Studies and has continued to develop the program and its professional reputation. The students who graduate in film studies often have their choice of the top filmmaking or film study programs in the world.

Dorothea Olkowski, a globally-ranked scholar in philosophy, was recognized in 2022. She is the first female professor at UCCS to be awarded the CU Distinguished Professor designation. Throughout her illustrious career, Olkowski has published 14 books (four of which are single-authored), over 100 articles, and has been cited 1,741 times. Her background and research began in the history of philosophy and contemporary European philosophy, with a concentration in feminist philosophy. She also teaches several courses on cognition and emotions, and is delving into the relationship between philosophy and neuroscience.

Carlos Paz de Araujo, also recognized in 2022, has served UCCS for 40 years with distinguished contributions, developed numerous new courses, established a Class 100 clean room for microelectronics research, and innovated and commercialized a new non-volatile ferroelectric memory. He has won numerous awards for his contributions in the commercialization of FRAM technologies and is an IEEE Fellow. His impacts are impressive and well-known, as he has over 180 publications and surpassed 10,000 citations, has over 600 combined U.S. and international patents, and advised numerous graduate students who went on to academic and industry successes throughout the world.

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