UCCS offers options, guidelines for making 2022 year-end gifts

The sun sets over the Rocky Mountains and shines over the UCCS campus. Photo credit: Jeffrey M Foster

As 2022 ends, the Office of Development at UCCS provides multiple options for donors who plan to make year-end contributions. Find details on how and where to give below.

End of year giving options: 

  • In person: Development staff will process gifts normally through Dec. 23. After Dec. 23, please call 719-255-5100 to schedule a pick-up of checks by a Development team member.
  • Online: For donors who want to receive a charitable gift receipt for 2022, we encourage donors to make an online donation at giving.cu.edu/uccs before 11:59 p.m. MST Dec. 31. 
  • By phone: Call the CU Gifts and Records Hotline at (303) 541-1290 before 5 p.m. MST Dec. 31. 
  • By check: Gifts sent by mail need to have a legible 2022 postmark date from the United States Postal Service or another carrier. The CU Foundation recommends putting the envelope in the mail no later than Dec. 27. UCCS and the IRS can’t use the date on the check to process 2022 gifts. 

Other resources: 

  • The CU Foundation provides additional information for gifts made through an IRA and through a transfer of stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other marketable securities. Visit giving.cu.edu/making-your-end-year-gift for additional information.

Special instructions to campus partners who receive gifts via mail: 

  • All employees who receive checks mailed to their office should forward all materials, including all envelopes, to UCCS Development in Main Hall Suite 301 no later than Dec. 23, regardless of postmark date. Gift Management must retain these envelopes to help address any questions or concerns on the receipt date. 
  • If you or your office receives a donor gift between Dec. 23 and Dec. 31, please email [email protected] for special handling. 

Resources for all employees:  

  • At all times, employees should forward gifts to UCCS Development or Student Financial Services on the same day or next business day to ensure timely processing.   
  • Employees should never give anything that could resemble tax advice. The donor is responsible for making those decisions with their financial advisor.   
  • Employees are encouraged to change their outgoing voicemail and out-of-office replies to help direct donors to giving.cu.edu/uccs for online gifts by 11:59 p.m. MST Dec. 31.   
  • Almost all charitable donations to UCCS should be deposited and receipted through the CU Foundation, even if the check is made out to a UCCS entity. The Board of Regents Policy 13.f directs that all charitable donations (with a few rare exceptions) that are intended to support CU and UCCS be deposited through the Foundation.

Questions? Contact the UCCS Development Office by phone at 719-255-5100 or email via [email protected].