Counseling and Leadership Program showcased at USAFA Football game

The College of Education Counseling and Leadership Program (CLP) was showcased at the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) football game on Nov. 12, 2022.

The CLP master’s degree program, piloted in 1999 and formalized in 2003, is a “a one-year, highly selective degree program designed for developing mid-career officers in the United States Air Force and Space Force for the important responsibility of Air Officer Commanding (AOC) or leading a cadet squadron at the US Air Force Academy.” Along with offering the master’s degree for future commanders, the program provides an “undergraduate intensive education certificate in ‘Leader and Leadership Development’ to the non-commissioned officers at USAFA, referred to as Academy Military Trainers (AMTs), who work in the Cadet Wing providing day-to-day support and leader development to cadets as they work to balance undergraduate education and the demands of becoming a future officer in the armed services.”

The showcase acknowledges key USAFA partnerships and provides a social setting for the USAFA to honor and connect with longstanding partners, along with recognizing the faculty and directors that run the program. UCCS senior leadership, key program faculty and standout alumni were invited to showcase this longstanding partnership within the context of a USAFA Football game to celebrate, socialize and network with partners.

“The program is a true partnership between both institutions with significant collaboration across all mission elements at USAFA,” said Joe Wehrman, Professor and AOC/AMT Program Coordinator. “Air Officer Commanding and Academy Military Trainers are the key integrators of the Academy’s mission to develop leaders of character. The programs interdisciplinary curriculum is developed around the most viable theories of human learning, cadet development, and motivation. Moreover, the program holds an idealistic vision of human potential and what leaders can become.”

“I want to provide a special thank you to Lieutenant General Richard M. Clark, Superintendent of USAFA, Brigadier General Paul D. Moga, Commandant of Cadets, Brigadier General Linell A. Letendre, Dean of the faculty, Colonel Kurt A. Wendt and Dr. Tom Torkelson of the Center for Character and Leadership Development, Colonel Richard Cooney, Department Head of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership, and Colonel Beth Makros, Permanent Professor and Chief Learning Officer for the Commandant of Cadets,” he continued. “Your support of the program and commitment to developing our nation’s finest does not go unrecognized.”

“The intent of both UCCS and USAFA is to provide new commanders the skills, knowledge, abilities, and experiences necessary to be effective leader developers that can address the many academic, psychological, and developmental issues that cadets experience. The principles taught in this program are applicable to all levels of command and will prepare students for the most challenging aspects of MODELING, DEVELOPING, and LEADING at USAFA and in the operational Air Force. Our graduates do amazing things at USAFA but also go on to be influential leaders in the Air Force and Space Force not to mention the impacts they make in industry after retirement,” said Wehrman.

About the UCCS College of Education

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