Photo Feature: “Esoo Tubewade Nummetu (This Land Is Ours)” Opening

UCCS students, alumni, staff, faculty and community guests attended the opening event of Gregg Deal’s solo exhibition, Esoo Tubewade Nummetu (This Land Is Ours), at GOCA’s Marie Walsh Sharpe Gallery site at the Ent Center for the Arts Sept. 15.

The exhibition features new work in multiple series addressing Native identity and critiquing American society, politics, popular culture and history. Deal’s art practice incorporates lifelong interests in punk music, street art and graphic styles, comic books and speculative superhero fiction.

Deal presents a new paradigm that places the perception, narratives and voices of Indigenous people at the center of modern and historic storytelling, with romantic and damaging stereotypes of culture placed upon them upended and rejected by all.

The exhibition is on view through Dec. 11, with public gallery hours Thursday – Saturday, 1-6 p.m. and by appointment.

Photography by Tom Kimmell.