Department of Sociology wins President’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Award

From left to right: Chancellor Venkat Reddy, LAS Dean Lynn Videlr, Sociology Associate Professor Heather Albanesi, Associate Professor Edwardo L. Portillos and Professor Abby Ferber.

The UCCS sociology department was recognized by the CU system with the 2021-2022 President’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Award.

According to the announcement, the department embeds and embodies DEI throughout its research, teaching, service and strategic actions, and centers DEI in its curriculum and teaching, approaching the history of marginalization and oppression with an intersectional lens.

“We all recognize that we did not do this work for the award,” said Edwardo Portillos, sociology department chair. “We do DEI work because it is essential to our social justice approach and central to our research, teaching, and service efforts.”

The department offers a certificate in Sociology of Diversity and Disability Studies and contributes 24 courses that fulfill the inclusiveness and diversity flag for the UCCS Compass Curriculum. Department members have taken intentional, deliberate action to diversify the faculty, graduate and undergraduate student populations.

The department is also foundational in leading and supporting DEI efforts across the UCCS campus, with department members serving as representatives on the CU system-level Committee for Racial and Ethnic Equity (CREE), the campus Faculty Minorities Affairs Committee and the Inclusiveness Advisory Committee of the Compass Curriculum. Department members provide training to the Reappointment, Promotion and Tenure committees on identifying and combatting implicit bias; assist others with diversifying their curriculum; organize DEI-related workshops; serve as Mosaic mentors; advise student groups focused on DEI; and collaborate with other departments and units.