Clyde’s Kudos: September 2021

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Clyde’s Kudos: September 2021

Featured this month:


Family Development Center Staff | Student Employment Team


Bradley Plesz | Charlie Kuehler | Debi O’Connor | Eric Nissen & Jeff Foster | Jason Taylor | Jennifer Newcomb | Kayla Gronseth Boyer | Nicole Simmons-Rochon | Norm Halford | Rosey Reidl Smith, Rashell McCann & Katie Harris | Sean Dean


To: Family Development Center Staff
From: Nicole Tugg

They are always cheerful and energetic! That is NOT an easy task when dealing with small children every day. I’m so thankful they keep our kids safe, happy and learning all day. Shout out to the student workers, as well!

To: Student Employment Team
From: Shannon

Kudos to Jennifer, Tea, Janice, Sharla, Elizabeth, Zaira, Elle, & Brandy. Thank you to our Student Employment team for working tirelessly to be sure all new hires and returning student employees are supported!!!!


To: Bradley Plesz
From: Dr. Sandy Ho

Bradley has been critical to the success of virtual and hybrid events for the entire campus. Not only has his expertise and skills allowed us to deliver well organized and polished events online, Bradley has also provided such kind and compassionate care through the planning process and as technical difficulties arise. Thank you for modeling such professionalism and excellence, Bradley.

To: Charlie Kuehler
From: Ellen Burkart

Charlie is always willing to help out whenever and wherever he can. There are certain budget things that I do not regularly do in my position and Charlie regularly approaches me with a “no worries, how can I help?” attitude in answering my questions and helping me through processes. I also appreciate that he notices when folks are wearing themselves out and he is always willing to check in and offer a listening ear or a walk to get coffee.

To: Debi O’Connor
From: Anna Squires

Debi did an extraordinary amount of unseen work to make the 2021 EthicsFirst event possible. With so many events happening online in the last few years, we lose sight of how much effort and planning go into live events, and Debi truly worked weekends, early mornings and nights to create a successful ethics education program for UCCS. Plus, she got her entire GPS class to attend, filling the seats with engaged and inquisitive students. Thank you for all that you do, Debi. You are appreciated!

To: Eric Nissen & Jeff Foster
From: Anna Squires

A huge thanks to Eric and Jeff for covering so many different and competing tasks while many members of our office were gone — from events and newsletters to stories and campus-level communications. You kept the ship afloat in addition to (I’m sure) a hundred other things that needed your attention. Thank you for everything!

To: Jason Taylor
From: Claire Ami

Shout out for your help with all of the web streaming! Jason is an absolute rock star when it comes to organizing and producing live streamed events. So appreciating his expert help with the GLINT Talks, DEI Grant presentations and more.

To: Jennifer Newcomb
From: Stephanie Stephen

Jennifer and I started working at UCCS COE on the same date, recently this September. Learning a new position can be stressful, but having Jennifer share this experience with has made the transition so pleasant. She is such a positive, helpful, kind, patient, efficient colleague to collaborate with and admire. Jennifer is absolutely wonderful and helpful, sharing everything she knows and learns with me so that we can both succeed in our new positions. I am privileged to work with and get to know such an outstanding person.

To: Kayla Gronseth Boyer
From: Gabby Hensley

You do a wonderful job on everything you do and I appreciate your hard work on making everything beautiful! It’s fun to get the colorful emails from Alumni every week and the work you did on the Lion OneCard video was awesome! I love your contagious positivity and I hope to work on more projects with you soon.

To: Kayla Gronseth Boyer
From: Anna Squires

A huge Kudos to Kayla for helping me to re-design the weekly student and faculty/staff Communique newsletter. She had brilliant design suggestions to help create a clean, polished email that’s much easier to create on a weekly basis. Best of all, it translates beautifully to mobile devices for on-the-go readers. Thank you, Kayla. Your expertise and design sensibility, plus your enthusiasm for new projects, is so appreciated.

To: Kayla Gronseth Boyer
From: Claire Ami

Kayla was amazing in getting our events properly set up in cvent. So appreciate her knowledge, skills and responsiveness. Rock star!

To: Nicole Simmons-Rochon
From: Lissanna Follari

Nicole recently joined the COE Student Resource Office and very quickly distinguished herself through tenacious dedication to excellence in student service. She goes above and beyond for our students on a daily basis, reaching out with warm and informative communications, forging strong relationships, and always creating solutions to student problems. Her efforts have resulted in higher-than-expected student enrollment growth in just the 2 months since she joined us. Student feedback is also positive with lots of “thank yous” and “she really made all the difference” remarks. We are truly fortunately to have her and her tireless efforts are widely noticed!

To: Norm Halford
From: Cindy Brown

Norm is always so helpful with anything Cherwell-related. His positive and friendly attitude and tremendous listening skills makes communication so easy. Thanks, Norm for all you do for the College of Education!

To: Rosey Reidl Smith, Rashell McCann & Katie Harris
From: Janice Dowsett

I can’t thank you enough for going the extra mile to help me with my work during a family emergency. I appreciate the camaraderie and the positive impact you’ve made that will truly be unforgettable. Thank you!

To: Sean Dean
From: Jesse Perez

Sean has developed an amazing critical thinking activity for GPS and is always willing to accommodate tough course schedules. He does an amazing job and many students say this activity is a highlight of our class. He is very skilled in helping students develop resilience and problem solving related skills.

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