Human Physiology & Nutrition undergraduate student receives prestigious STEM scholarship

Gabrielle Joan Marcojos

The Entegris Foundation STEM scholarship had not even crossed Gabrielle Joan Marcojos’s radar in her scholarship search, but thanks to her UCCS campus partners in the Financial Aid Office, Gabrielle connected with an incredible scholarship opportunity.

“I was selected due to my academic performance, my status as a working student, my active involvement in clubs on campus, and other reasons. It all came to me as a surprise and I felt deeply grateful for such a generous gift,” said Gabrielle.

Gabrielle continued, “With such high financial demands from college, this scholarship eased a heavy burden on my family. I want to get through college putting as little stress on my family as possible and leaving it with as little debt as possible, and this scholarship helps me achieve this.”

Working with campus partners, like the Financial Aid Office, students are able to access resources, advisors and make graduating college a reality. 

With her experience in hospitals as a sick child, Gabrielle’s interest in medicine, healthcare, and helping those in need grew. Knowing a career in the healthcare field is right for her, she’s taking a variety of classes and gaining new experiences to find the right path for her healthcare future.

“I also think of this path as my means of giving back to my family. They’ve made plenty of sacrifices to put me where I am now, and I want to show them that those sacrifices were worth it,” said Gabrielle.

Right now, Gabrielle’s sights are set on earning her undergraduate in the Human Physiology & Nutrition program and then entering a master’s program to become a Physician Assistant. 

About The Entegris Foundation

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