Photo Feature: Fall 2021 Move-in

Incoming and returning students are officially moved into the residence halls. The fall 2021 move-in took place over 4 days beginning August 15, 2021. Family members and volunteers from various departments and organizations across campus can be seen helping students move in. Photos by Jeff Foster (first and second images), Crayton Daniel and Gabby Hensley.

Cars fill the walkway in between residence halls.
Cars stand in a row as students pull luggage and boxes out of the trunk
One person walks up a slight incline pushing a box.
Four people pose for a picture together smiling
One person carries a box up the stairs while their father opens the door
Two people standing next to eachother smile
Four people carry a large box up the stairs
Two people stand next to each other and wave
Four people move a box together
Three people walking next to each other, one carrying boxes
Three people chat with each other