Clyde’s Kudos: July 2021

Clyde’s Kudos are celebrated each month on Communique. Nominations are also recognized through a variety of forums including the Staff Association website, the Staff Association newsletter, event shout-outs, handwritten cards and other methods of distribution.

Clyde’s Kudos: July 2021

Featured this month:


The Academic Advising Texting Team | Campus Recreation Team | Kimberly Reeves & The Office of Sustainability | LAS Dean’s Staff | Nick Lockwood & Orientation Team


Angel Tran | Anna Squires | Bailey Bush | Chad Garland | Charlie Kuehler | David Moon, Regina Winters & Pam Sawyer | Debi O’Connor | Ellen Burkart & Missy Sernatinger | Kane Lemasters & Erika Perry | Matilda the Cooper’s Hawk | Rick Landis | Rose Johnson | Sarah Long | Shawn Hood | Stephanie Adams | Stephen Cucchiara | Sue Myers | Terri Wagner | Vicki Taylor


To: The Academic Advising Texting Team
From: Missy Sernatinger

We’ve been doing a lot of outreach to students via our texting platform, Cadence. There is a team of various advisors who have readily volunteered to help out at certain times to respond to hundreds of student questions about course registrations, enrollment, etc. We in FYE don’t have the capacity to do this, so without collaborations like this, these students would likely not get as direct and instant support. Thanks for being part of Team Student Success!

To: Campus Recreation Team
From: Skyler Rorabaugh

Kudos to David Fehring, Casi Frazier, Krista Herring, Chris Ertman, Bill Moorman, TJ Peck, Marcus Graves, Cynthia Lewis, Katie Gordon & Mandy McBroom!

I am nominating our Campus Recreation Department team for kudos related to their unwavering support of our students and UCCS community during this pandemic. Our team has been relentless in their pursuit of providing wellness and recreation facilities, programs, and services for the UCCS Community. I have witnessed all of our team members go above and beyond their normal work responsibilities to assist departments in a myriad of work, and establish new partnerships and collaborations to support the UCCS mission, vision, and values. I am very thankful for our team members and their continued dedication that they have administered throughout the course of this pandemic, and the excitement and opportunity we have ahead of us this coming semester.

To: Kimberly Reeves & The Office of Sustainability
From: Margie Oldham

Thank you to Kimberly and her Sustainability crew for their continued work on the Templeton Gap Floodway clean up projects. Just completed the volunteer opportunity with the Staff Assoc. and it was so much fun! Kimberly is so professional and thorough, and always provides volunteers with a meaningful and fulfilling experience. Thanks Kimberly for another successful volunteer clean up!!

To: LAS Dean’s Staff
From: Lynn Vidler

The LAS Dean’s Staff has gone above-and-beyond normal duties over the past couple of weeks. They have collaborated to cover the work of a sick co-worker and have also pitched in to re-open the office to normal hours. I am incredibly grateful for the spirit of teamwork in the office. Kudos, all!

To: Nick Lockwood & Orientation Team
From: Missy Sernatinger

I had a wild idea to put on a day on campus for students who may not have continued with attending UCCS during the pandemic. Instead of laughing this off, Nick adjusted an entire Orientation date to allow for this to happen and even adjusted his registration form to make it returning student friendly. I’m literally writing this while working the event, and to see the relief that students have in being able to connect in-person and to get questions answered is making my day. So thank you, Nick Lockwood and all of Orientation for showing care for all UCCS students.


To: Angel Tran
From: Alexa Salstrand

Angel has only been with us for about a month but he has gone above and beyond by suggesting process improvements and taking on a variety of tasks. He has been given A LOT to learn in a very short amount of time and he has not hesitated to take on everything that is thrown at him. Keep up the great work, Angel!

To: Anna Squires
From: Missy Sernatinger

Anna is an amazing marketing and communications professional. Her heart for making sure a feeling is conveyed shines brightest to me in how she functions as the marketing coordinator in Staff Association. From checking in on and promoting Clyde’s Kudos, to developing gorgeous Staff Association emails, to participating in our annual retreat with such passion, Anna serves the entire staff in her unique and wonderful way.

To: Anna Squires
From: Tiyana Hardney Vela

Anna is an incredible writer who captures beautiful stories for UCCS and she also provides great edits for stories I am working on. I appreciate her kindness and willingness to always help. Thank you Anna for your support!

To: Bailey Bush
From: J

Bailey has worked sooooo hard to make sure that Resident Assistant training will be phenomenal as we welcome back our full team of Resident Assistants! As I hear about sessions she has set up, I am more and more excited to welcome back our student staff and start a fresh new fall semester — which wouldn’t have been the same without Bailey’s hard work and razor sharp focus for creating an engaging experience for all! Thank you Bailey!

To: Chad Garland
From: Brad Bayer

Congratulations to Chad Garland on his new role as the Senior Director of the University Center!

To: Charlie Kuehler
From: Robyn Marschke

Over the past two years, Charlie has continued to support me and the IR Office manage (and explain) financial transactions in FIN and in the CU Marketplace although we moved into another unit. I also appreciate his wit and humor and endless patience. Thank you, Charlie!

To: Charlie Kuehler
From: Missy Sernatinger

Charlie is an amazing example of what a supportive colleague should be. His care for our work goes beyond the budget excel spreadsheets and he always checks in to see how the individual is doing — a feat that is not easy in a remote setting. He is a very appreciated part of our division and suite.

To: David Moon, Regina Winters & Pam Sawyer
From: George Reed

The School of Public Affairs just received a letter notifying us that the Master of Public Administration degree received a 7-year reaccreditation from the Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration (NASPAA). David, Regina, and Pam were instrumental in the hard work that went into that process. They prepared a rigorous self-study and organized a detailed site review.

To: Debi O’Connor
From: Missy Sernatinger

Thank you, Debi, for being willing to use your voice to advocate for staff needs on campus. I always appreciate your insights, and I find that I learn something new from you every time we talk. You make us laugh, but you also educate and make us better members of staff governance and the UCCS community.

To: Ellen Burkart & Missy Sernatinger
From: Kimberly Guyer

Ellen took on a large part of a greater effort to increase enrollments for fall 2021. While a team effort across many departments to make contact and connect with new and returning students for the purpose of getting them to register, Ellen voluntarily took on the role of managing, coordinating, and updating lists. It wasn’t as simple as checking lists for duplicates. She worked with colleagues to determine with whom the student had the closest personal connection in coordinating who was making the contact. She and her office also made contact with students on the lists.

I’d also like to recognize Missy Sernatinger who took on some additional tasks so that Ellen could focus on this project. As of 7/20/2021, 2,380 students were contacted by the greater group. 302 (13%) enrolled and 293 (12%) additional students indicated they plan to enroll. If they do so, this outreach would yield an increase of 595 students (25% of those who were contacted).

To: Kane Lemasters & Erika Perry
From: Molly Kinne

Welcome to UCCS! We are so glad you are here and congrats on one month down!

To: Matilda the Cooper’s Hawk
From: Anon.

Thank you, Matilda, for making an otherwise quiet summer filled with moments of anticipation and (dare I say) excitement. While we will need to consider some professional development regarding personal space for future years, you did create an interesting memory for us in Main Hall.

To: Rick Landis
From: Elissa Jensen

Kudos to Rick for helping DHS with a vehicle that had a shattered window. He brought a shop vac and cleaned the shattered glass up for us

To: Rose Johnson
From: Kacey Ross

Thank you for supporting me (and First-Year Rhetoric and Writing) during this season of transition. Your help has been incredibly valuable!

To: Sarah Long
From: Missy Sernatinger

Kudos to Sarah for putting on an AMAZING Staff Association retreat in the UCCS Downtown location. I know that this year will be filled with adjusting to new normals, and we couldn’t have a better leader who is as adaptive and caring to guide Staff Association as we advocate for staff on this campus.

To: Shawn Hood
From: Molly Kinne

Thanks for all you are doing to support the many searches!! We appreciate YOU!

To: Stephanie Adams
From: Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance

Stephanie Adams takes UCCS Downtown to the next level! Stephanie went out of her way to help make the VCAF retreat a huge success, assisting with everything from extra sticky notes, parking directions, IT assistance, and even catering. Thank you for making us feel so welcome Stephanie, you do an amazing job and we are so grateful you are downtown representing UCCS.

To: Stephanie Adams
From: Anna Squires

A huge kudos to Stephanie for representing UCCS so beautifully everywhere she goes. We held a staff retreat at UCCS Downtown on what happened to be a very tough day for Stephanie (the kind of day that would lead most people to call out for personal reasons). Stephanie was so welcoming, kind and supportive of our retreat through it all — even helping me to find parking for my Pike Ride bike! Thank you, Stephanie, for the way you are in the world. You are appreciated!

To: Stephanie Adams
From: Missy Sernatinger

I had never been to the UCCS Downtown campus before the Staff Association retreat, but I was in awe of it. Stephanie has cultivated a wonderful vibe for the entire facility and I cannot wait to find new opportunities to be in the space. I was able to witness her amazing community and customer service skills when interacting with members of the public — her patience and grace shone in that moment.

To: Stephen Cucchiara
From: Brad Bayer

Congratulations to Stephen Cucchiara on his new role as the Director of Student Engagement!

To: Sue Myers
From: Molly Larson

Sue works tirelessly behind the scenes. She’s amazing with her juggling skills and always makes me laugh. Her summers are filled with heavily detailed projects that not many people can related to (New Faculty Orientation!). She’s one of my cherished co-workers!

To: Terri Wagner
From: Nate B

Kudos to Terri for exemplary assistance in helping me work through budget challenges. Terri stays positive, proactive, and solutions-oriented. She is always willing to help and accessible. It is a treat to work alongside people such as her. Thanks for all you do for me and our campus, Terri!

To: Vicki Taylor
From: Gretchen Bliss

In the wake of a COVID delayed grant, Vicki did an amazing job of developing a week long camp of hybrid curriculum for Cybersecurity for middle school students at 5 geographically dispersed locations across Colorado and delivering the content over 5 weeks. Her amazing dedication provided a quality experience for over 100 students and raised their awareness and interest in this important and growing area. Thank you Vicki!!!

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