Updated UCCS COVID-19 protections issued

As the spring semester ends and summer and fall semesters approach, UCCS campus leadership continues to adjust campus policy based on new guidance received from local, state and federal authorities.

The latest public health order issued by Colorado Governor Jared Polis encouraged universities like UCCS to maintain precautionary measures, including requiring face coverings on campus and during events. 

UCCS issued the following guidance:

  • All members of the campus community are required to continue wearing face coverings indoors.
  • Face coverings are no longer required in outdoor settings.
  • Those who are not vaccinated must continue to wear a face covering in all public spaces, indoors and out. 

Officials said UCCS will continue to evaluate its position, and any changes to this policy will be broadly communicated to the campus.

It is the goal of campus leadership to ensure UCCS students, faculty and staff are protected, and they recognize the most effective path to that goal as vaccination against COVID-19. Work continues on the development of the UCCS attestation process in alignment with the entire University of Colorado’s decision to require vaccination of its campus populations. 

“As we look forward to the future, campus leadership will provide guidance on all protective measures, including social distancing and face coverings, prior to the start of the summer term on June 14,” read a campus update issued on Thursday. “Thank you for all you do as a campus to Protect the Pride. “