Clyde’s Kudos: April 2021

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Clyde’s Kudos: April 2021

Featured this month:


Family Development Center Teachers & Staff | Kayla Gronseth Boyer & the Alumni Relations Team | Office of the Registrar Student Workers | Residence Life & Housing Operations | Andrea Cordova, RoxAnne Krute, Jeff Foster, Brett Fugate & Commencement Champions


Andrew Blackman | Ann Schwab | Ben Davies | Benek Altayli | Beth Cecere & Christopher Doiron | Crayton Daniel | Dan Metzger | Danny Pape | Enid Ruiz-Mattei | Eric Nissen, Kee Warner, Nancy Hernandez, Vaughn Love, Jesse Perez, Uma Chinta & Rachael Springer | Jacob Guilez | Jeff Foster | Jeff Foster & Gabby Hensley | Jennifer Biga | Kandi LeClear | Kayla Gronseth Boyer | Kayleen Hunter, Barbara Gaddis & Charlie Kuehler | Mary Hurless | Meg Jarvis | Michael Moody | Omar Montoya & Phillip Heasley | Rachael Springer | Robyn Firth | Samantha Suarez | Shelly Raney | Stephany Rose Spaulding | Whitney Porter


To: Family Development Center Teachers & Staff
From: Season Doebler & Brad Bayer

“To teach is to touch a life forever.” – Author Unknown

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week, and we are celebrating all the Family Development Center (FDC) teachers and staff for exemplifying excellence in early childhood education. We honor them for their big hearts, creative teaching practices, and positive spirit!

To: Kayla Gronseth Boyer & the Alumni Relations Team
From: Jeff Foster

The Alumni newsletter is consistently high quality and on-brand. I really appreciate your work and your taste, keeping the newsletter crisp, modern, professional and on-brand.

To: Office of the Registrar Student Workers
From: Sam Adams

Our student workers Emily Meshkov, Grace Oh, and Sierra Sandahl are absolutely amazing! Grace and Sierra have successfully navigated remote training as new hires and Emily has done an incredible job helping with onboarding and training them over the past month. Thank you for all you are doing! We would not be as successful as a unit if it weren’t for the three of you. Keep up the amazing work!!

To: Residence Life & Housing Operations
From: Shawn Hood

This year has been very difficult for Residence Life and Housing. They are down three full-time staff members and each and everyone of this team has stepped up to help make sure that daily operations are taken care of with the same hard work and dedication every day despite the changes they have faced during the pandemic. Their can-do attitude is contagious! Great job!

To: Andrea Cordova, RoxAnne Krute, Jeff Foster, Brett Fugate & Commencement Champions
From: Gabby Hensley

To Andrea Cordova, RoxAnne Krute, Jeff Foster, Brett Fugate and everyone who helped with the printed commencement program: Thank you so much for all of your help with putting together the commencement program! It has been great to transition this to in-house and I couldn’t have done it without you! This has been a semester of learning and I am excited to see it grow in the future. Thank you again! :)


To: Andrew Blackman
From: Clyde’s Cupboard Staff

First, thank you so much for you dedication to the university and making our school shine! Secondly, thank you so much for your support and donation to Clyde’s Cupboard! Your kindness and thoughtfulness mean so much to us and to our students!

To: Ann Schwab
From: Molly Larson

Ann has been an amazing support to me with my work on the academic catalog. Last year was my first year and there were many bumps on my part, even though Ann had met with me personally before the lockdown. This year, I was very nervous and stressed about the process, and again, Ann was so supportive. She was always very encouraging, stressing that I would get the process down and be successful. She met with me twice the week of the deadline. In the midst of her busyness, she took her time with me, which I desperately needed. Thank you Ann for all you do!

To: Ben Davies
From: Nate Byford

Ben has gone above and beyond in helping me with budget entries and has exhibited a proactive, positive, and solutions-oriented mindset which demonstrates his willingness to assist, knowledge in his work, and caring for others. Thank you Ben.

To: Benek Altayli
From: Anon.

Benek cares so deeply for our campus community and is always willing to help anyone. When a person in my department passed away last year, Benek was the rock that held our team together. She met with us as a department to help us work through our grief and shock, and she shared her cell phone number so that any of us could contact her for help. Even on an evening or weekend, she was willing to respond and help shepherd us through this difficult time. I am deeply grateful for Benek’s expertise and the deep care and compassion she brings to her interactions with all of us at UCCS.

To: Beth Cecere & Christopher Doiron
From: Dillon Cordray

Both Beth and Chris are doing a phenomenal job picking up all of the production needs at the Ent Center in the wake of recent staff changes. It’s our busiest time of year, with more events than we’ve had in over a year, and they are killing it! The whole ECFA team is extremely grateful for their hard work and dedication!

To: Crayton Daniel
From: Anna Squires

Crayton brought a nationally-renowned expert on social and digital media accessibility to speak with all the social media managers at UCCS. It was a totally eye-opening experience and it equipped more than 30 staff members with the tools to make UCCS’ digital presence accessible to all. Thank you, Crayton, for going above and beyond every dang day!

To: Dan Metzger
From: Sam Adams

Dan has been extremely helpful the last couple of weeks helping with a variety of different time sensitive projects. So incredibly grateful for your constant helpfulness and go with the flow attitude as we navigate constant changes. Thank you for everything you do!!

To: Danny Pape
From: Bailey Ashida

Danny is an incredibly understanding, flexible, and encouraging supervisor. I feel safe coming into work and I know I will continue to grow under his leadership! He truly leads by example. Thank you, Danny, for all your support for the team, the Career Center, and the students!

To: Enid Ruiz-Mattei
From: Anon.

Enid’s budget trainings have been amazing! Enid has designed trainings on the new Budget Allocation Model that are allowing administrators, staff, and faculty to learn the model and to have time to ask any questions we have. Each training has offered the chance for me to better conceptualize the model and to try out Enid’s practice Excel sheets to understand how the model works in practice. Thank you, Enid, for your expertise and your patience!

To: Eric Nissen, Kee Warner, Nancy Hernandez, Vaughn Love, Jesse Perez, Uma Chinta & Rachael Springer
From: Megan Bell

Thank you for serving on the search committee for the Director of MOSAIC and the LGBTQ+RC. I could tell from the charge meeting how passionate you all were about finding a new leader that will continue to serve and advocate for our historically underserved and minoritized students. I appreciate you all so much as colleagues who are willing to give their time, and especially to Eric for serving as chair and Rachael for doing all of the support/scheduling.

To: Jacob Guilez
From: Crayton Daniel

Thank you so much for all your help with Final Cut Pro. It has been such a headache for me, but your knowledge of it has helped me streamline my video editing tasks.

To: Jeff Foster
From: Gabby Hensley

I just wanted to say thank you for always being willing to help, to lending an ear and for your patience when things get busy. I appreciate your knowledge on how project processes can take time and ways to find solutions to our campus client’s projects. You are awesome to work with! Thank you for all that you do!

To: Jeff Foster & Gabby Hensley
From: Eric Nissen

On many occasions in the last year, I brought design needs to Jeff and Gabby in support of numerous enrollment, marketing and recruitment initiatives. Most of the time, these efforts required a fast turnaround, while still striving for creativity and innovation in design. In every case, Jeff and Gabby responded with enthusiasm, professionalism and graciousness, and produced a design that more than achieved the desired outcome. Their dedication to excellence is inspiring to work with and continues to bring the campus to new heights of brand effectiveness.

To: Jennifer Biga
From: Jesse Perez

Jennifer Biga is always so helpful and friendly. She recently went above and beyond to help me solve a pressing Student Employment issue and I am beyond grateful. So awesome!

To: Kandi LeClear
From: Sam Adams

Kandi has helped the office tremendously when we were short staffed. Kandi has been implementing new and creative ways to engage with students to complete their Tuition Classification Form. Thank you for everything over the past couple of weeks, Kandi!

To: Kayla Gronseth Boyer
From: Crayton Daniel

Kayla helped me create a CVENT for the Social Media Accessibility Presentation and she helped me brainstorm questions/data for a survey. Thanks for being an awesome team member!

To: Kayleen Hunter, Barbara Gaddis & Charlie Kuehler
From: Megan Bell

Thank you for all of your hard work putting together the annual report for the SIP Grant. I know it’s a ton of work and I appreciate you all so much. Thankfully that should be our last one!!!!

To: Mary Hurless
From: Patricia Abila

Mary and I worked in the same department from 2013-2016, and I came to know her as reliable source of knowledge in everything related to HR processes. I recently returned to UCCS in a position that is very HR-oriented and Mary has always been willing to help me learn the finer details of my new job. She always has time to answer a question, offer a suggestion, or to point me in the right direction. Thanks Mary for being THE BEST!

To: Meg Jarvis
From: Laura Mancini

Meg went above and beyond in coordinating COVID testing for the UCCS ROTC/Mountain Ranger Battalion student Cadets and cadre in preparation for their Spring semester Field Training Exercise. Meg set up appointments and car testing specifically for ROTC with enough tests for 100+ students and 10 cadre outside the normally offered COVID testing at Gallogy Recreation and Wellness Center. She tracked the Cadets registration and was instrumental in our preparation for this training exercise. We greatly appreciate Meg for her patience and assistance.

To: Michael Moody
From: Sam Adams

Michael is always willing to jump in to help with any project and recently helped complete a time sensitive project. I am grateful for his continued hard work and upbeat attitude when assisting customers. Thank you for all you are doing, Michael!

To: Omar Montoya & Phillip Heasley
From: Ellen Burkart

Omar (GPS, ENGL) and Phillip (FYRW program) have been amazing individuals to work with as well as to partner with on retention ideas and initiatives. We share a lot of the same philosophies for student support and where we don’t align, we challenge each other only to come up with even better and more amazing ideas. I have truly enjoyed the opportunity to meet with them more to talk through various ideas.

To: Rachael Springer
From: Ellen Burkart

Rachael is new to the VCSA division, starting in the middle of a pandemic, only having been on campus a few times and has done an amazing job supporting our division while learning a new university and a new job with very high expectations. I appreciate you so much Rachael, appreciate that you are so quick to help out wherever and whenever needed, and how great of a job you do! I am looking forward to continuing to get to know you!

To: Robyn Firth
From: Todd Casey & Sam Adams

Robyn has been navigating her first commencement season very well! Things has been smoother since she has come aboard to help our office out. We are extremely grateful for her continued hard work and management of commencement duties! Thank you, Robyn for being such a great addition. :)

To: Samantha Suarez
From: Ben Davies

The Colorado Springs Police Department and UCCS Police were attempting to locate a person in distress near Pulpit Rock/Parking Lot 580. The police had a vehicle description and a description of the person but the vehicle was not in the area so they were unsure if the person was elsewhere. Sam, a UCCS Police Dispatcher, thought outside of the box and on a whim (it was unknown at the time if this person was/had ever been a student) checked through the UCCS Parking website whether this person had ever registered a vehicle through parking. She was able to find some additional vehicle registration information and provided that information to UCCS Police and CSPD. The police were able to locate the vehicle and subsequently the person and provide them the aid they needed.

To: Shelly Raney
From: Monica Sedillo

Shelly is incredible. I could literally write a Clyde’s Kudos for her every month because she is always helping me in some way. She works late some nights and over the weekends. Her work ethic and drive to get things done is a valued quality and I know UCCS is so thankful we have her! (And I’ll just go on record here, hoping her supervisors see this: Shelly needs a raise!! ;-) ) Thank you, Shelly, for all that you do for me and for the rest of campus!!

To: Stephany Rose Spaulding
From: Laura Emmot

Dr. Rose Spaulding is an amazing campus partner! I appreciate her thoughtful and compassionate way of communicating, especially when engaging with sensitive or difficult subjects. I have learned much from her. Thank you, Dr. Rose Spaulding!

To: Whitney Porter
From: Patty Witkowsky

Whitney stepped in within four hours of another staff member needing coverage to pick up her work and keep things moving for another department in the College of Education.

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