April Town Hall celebrates UCCS’ new distinguished professors

A celebration of UCCS’ two new distinguished professors was the focus of UCCS’ Apr. 28 virtual Town Hall, along with updates on vaccinations and plans for the fall semester.

Chancellor Reddy recognized Robert von Dassanowsky, distinguished professor of film studies and languages and cultures, and Terry Boult, distinguished professor of computer science, who each delivered short presentations on their scholarly works. Dassanowsky and Boult were both honored with the distinguished professor title by the CU Board of Regents earlier this academic year.

Following the presentations, Chancellor Reddy delivered updates on vaccinations, the tuition buy-down that has allowed UCCS to keep tuition rates flat for the 2021-22 year, planned compensation increases for faculty and staff and plans for the return of many faculty and staff to campus for the fall semester.

Updates presented by the Chancellor and panelists included key takeaways. Take a look below.


  • All four CU campuses, including UCCS, will require students, faculty and staff to receive a COVID-19 vaccination before the start of the fall semester. Exemptions may be sought for both medical and non-medical reasons. Learn more >>

  • UCCS will continue to offer vaccines to any faculty, staff and student who wishes to receive one. The clinics will operate out of the Gallogly Recreation and Wellness Center. Learn more >>

Return to campus planning

  • Departments should plan to have on-campus services open by Aug. 2 to serve faculty and students as they return to campus for the fall semester. A short-term plan will provide guidance for campus managers and supervisors in a number of key areas, such as flexibility in work locations for the fall semester and guidelines for meetings and gatherings. Learn more >>   

  • Division heads and deans will determine which faculty and staff are required to return to campus to offer in-person functions and services by Aug. 2. Learn more >>

  • Protective health measures, such as required face coverings and social distancing, will continue on campus through the end of the semester. Once El Paso County reaches herd immunity, public health guidance will likely be relaxed. Learn more >>

  • The Future of Work task force, chaired by Carlos García, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, will deliver long-term workplace policy recommendations to Chancellor Reddy in the early fall. Learn more >>

Tuition and compensation

  • UCCS will use federal funds to “buy down” the three percent tuition increase recommended by the CU Board of Regents. This will allow for a zero percent increase in tuition for the 2021-22 year. Learn more >>

  • In July, classified staff will receive a three percent state-mandated increase to their annual salaries, and faculty and university staff will receive a one-time bonus equal to one percent of their annual salaries or two percent of their half-year salaries. Learn more >>

Chancellor Reddy closed the session by encouraging faculty, staff and students to take heart.

“I know this will be a time of great change for all of us,” Reddy said. “It will require flexibility, optimism and plenty of patience. But we have proven, as a community, that we have the resilience to make it through any challenge we face. So I know we will be just fine.”

Members of the UCCS community may submit additional questions and fill out a survey response to the event.