First-of-its-kind cybersecurity management journal launched by College of Business faculty

Faculty members in the College of Business are launching a new academic journal, the Organizational Cybersecurity Journal: Practice, Process, and People, with the first issues set to be published in September and December of 2021.

The journal’s mission is to publish advances in scientific knowledge directly related to cybersecurity management, according to Gurvirender Tejay, Ph.D., associate professor of Information Systems, and Gary Klein, Ph.D., Couger professor of Information Systems, who founded and will serve as editors in chief of the journal.

“We were inspired to develop a platform for researchers interested in organizational and behavioral cybersecurity issues and to share promising results relevant to industry needs,” said Tejay. “Our efforts are to position OCJ as a knowledge hub for Leaders concerned about cyber policy challenges and Executives looking to improve their organization’s cybersecurity posture.”

The journal will be a peer-reviewed, open-access publication of Emerald Publishing with the goal of providing the most visibility for contributing researchers. The open-access agreement is funded by the College of Business and the Cybersecurity Management Council, eliminating the article processing charge.

“Journals publishing cybersecurity articles consider technical solutions or the deployment of security systems for the protection of data and people. However, the inherent problems faced by organizations impact functions of accounting, finance, marketing, management, and personnel and addressed by policy and processes,” said Klein. “The effectiveness of technology, policy, and processes is a matter of the behavioral responses of individuals, teams, corporations, governments, and societies. Thus, our desire is to publish studies that matter most to achieving security in the cyber domain by understanding the impact on all organizational stakeholders and their responses.”

Klein and Tejay say they are accepting submissions now for their inaugural issues. You can learn more about the journal here, and submit research here.

Editors for the journal will include:

  • Gary Klein, University of Colorado Colorado Springs
  • Gurvirender Tejay, University of Colorado Colorado Springs
  • Xin “Robert” Luo, University of New Mexico
  • Stephen Hayne, Colorado State University
  • Michael Lane, University of Southern Queensland
  • Karen Renaud, Strathlcyde University
  • Morgan Shepherd, University of Colorado Colorado Springs
  • Miloslava Plachkinova, Kennesaw State University
  • Alper Yayla, University of Tampa