Photo Feature: Winter Welcome Week ice skating event

On Friday, Feb. 26, the Department of Student Life transformed a portion of the Gateway Garage into an ice skating rink. From 5 to 9 p.m., more than 150 students stopped by to shred some (artificial) ice. The event was free and included games, snacks, and photo booths.

Photo of sign that says "Ice Skating Rules"
Yes it does.
Photo of a skating rink on the parking garage
The top story of Gateway Garage was transformed into a portable ice skating rink.
A person wearing a beanie and a mask
Students received a Winter Welcome Week hat upon entering the event.
Students ice skate with a mountain in the backgrounf.
Students were able to soak up some sun while skating.
Person throws bean bag
Ice skating wasn’t the only activity happening on top of the Gateway Garage. Students had access to games, snacks and photobooths.
Two people hold hands while ice skating
The view of Pikes Peak during the golden hour made for a memorable evening.
Student standing up with two bean bag in hand.
A student came ready to win.
Two students lace their skates up
The event was completely free for students, including skate rentals.
Students from various UCCS sports teams and clubs stopped by to skate.
Students ice skate as the sun begins to go down
Students were able to watch the sun go down while skating the day away.