Mountain Lions share tips and resources to help fuel student success

Essays, exams and quizzes, oh my! With the spring semester in full swing and midterms quickly approaching, some students report increased stress and anxiety. After seeking input from students across campus, one prevailing sentiment emerged — you are not alone! Here are some tips from fellow Mountain Lions that might help guide your success for the remainder of the semester.

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Maisie R., Human Services major with an emphasis in Student Affairs in Higher Education

“For the most efficient studying, I suggest creating study groups with other classmates to not only have fun while reviewing course material, but to also encourage each other throughout the semester!”

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Austin K., Geography and Environmental Studies major

“One tip that has helped me a lot in the past year has been meditation. I make it an intention to make time to meditate for ~30 minutes each day. A lot of people can find meditation quite intimidating, but there’s a ton of resources online that can help! The biggest thing that I can recommend is just sitting down, focusing on your breath, and continually return your focus whenever it wanders (and be kind to yourself! You can’t “win” meditation, you can only practice). This is a great way to support your mental and emotional health no matter where you are.”

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Alondra H., Communication and Digital Media major

“I would really encourage students to prioritize their mental health by taking time to reward themselves by doing something they love. Whether that is spending time with their loved ones, watching a movie, going out for a walk or just taking a day to unwind and relax.”

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Jude A., Undecided

“Plan your days! Everyone has the habit of saying “I don’t have time” when in reality you didn’t make time for it. Even as something as small as writing yourself a to-do list for the day could go a long way. If you have asynchronous classes, schedule certain times of the day where you will be “in class.” You will feel so much more productive, and you’ll find that you can knock out so many things if you commit!”

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Taylor S., Nutrition major

“My freshman year I lived in the Science Center. It was super helpful to study in a space that had tutors, computers, and coffee at my disposal. A study tip that I do is to go over the lecture and/or the chapter BEFORE attending live lecture. This has helped me so much. I don’t waste a ton of time frantically writing things down, I can ask questions,  and have a more relaxed lecture experience.”

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Joshua N., Mathematics major with an emphasis in Statistics

“Find a group of people to study with that keep each other accountable.”

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Alexisa. M., Inclusive Elementary Education major

“One tip that I’d give to any college student is to be gentle with yourself because I think it is easy to compare yourself to what others around you are doing. I always try to take a few moments to check-in with myself and make sure that I’m doing what’s in my best interest.”

UCCS offers a variety of resources to help fuel your success. If you are in need of academic assistance, the Excel Center offers tutoring in the realm of mathematics, languages, science, writing and communication. The Gallogly Recreation and Wellness Center offers integrated and collaborative services and programming to help enhance students’ health and wellness. If you are wondering if you should be concerned about any mental health-related issue, please click here to access an anonymous and free mental health screening module or call the Rec Center at (719) 255-4444. Or if you would prefer to have access to the screenings via your web browser, please click here. If you’re experiencing food insecurities, Clyde’s Cupboard provides free food and toiletries for all enrolled UCCS students.

Do you have a student success tip that you would like to share with your fellow Mountain Lions? Let us know!