Top 9 Instagram posts of 2020

2020 was quite the year, but the UCCS community is going into 2021 stronger than ever. Here are the top 9 Instagram posts from the year.

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Photo of mountain

​1,334 likes | Oct. 16

“How it started ➡️ how it’s going”

Photos by University Communications. See it on Instagram.

Image of the university sign

​1,271 likes | April. 13

“There’s *snow* place like UCCS. ❄️ We’re thinking about you Mountain Lions and we can’t wait to see you back on campus this fall!”

Photo by Tom Kimmell. See it on Instagram.

Picture of a rainbow over campus

​1,187 likes | May. 28

“Rainbow over campus. 😍”

Photo by Ryan Raridon. See it on Instagram.

Photo of people walking down a street holding signs with mountains in the background.

​1,133 likes | June. 14

#UCCS students held a peaceful protest on June 13, 2020. Students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members came together to march in solidarity and discuss racial injustice in America.”

Photos by Crayton Daniel. See it on Instagram.

Mountain covered in snow with a building in front of it

​1,067 likes | Feb. 16

“Views from the bluffs.”

Photo by Jeff Foster. See it on Instagram.

Photo of clock tower at night

​1,061 likes | May. 8

“We hope you had a great last day of classes. Goodnight, Mountain Lions. 😴”

Photo by Glenn J. Asakawa. See it on Instagram.

Photo of a sunset over a soccer field

​1,016 likes | Aug. 23

“One more sunset until the first day of classes. 🌅 We can’t wait to see you, Mountain Lions!”

Photo by UCCS Lacrosse. See it on Instagram.

Photo of a clock tower in front of the sun

​979 likes | April 9

“Campus isn’t the same without you! ❤️ We miss you, Mountain Lions. Thanks for snagging this great pic, Noelle!”

Photo by Noelle Windesheim. See it on Instagram.

Photo of a building with mountains and trees in the background.

​945 likes | Nov. 5

“The views from UCCS just hit different. 😎”

Photo by UCCS Communications. See it on Instagram.

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