Photo Feature: Student sculpture artist brings 11 life-size aspen trees to University Village Center

UCCS student Niki (Nicole) Puigdevall has been hard at work over the past few months creating eleven life-size sculptures of aspen trees for the 10th annual student public sculpture project.

Her work, titled “Seasons Change, We Grow Together,” was installed on June 17, across the street from UCCS at the University Village Center. “It’s a really unique program and this year’s sculpture is a very ambitious scale,” says Matt Barton, associate professor and co-director of the visual art program.

Inspired by her love for public artwork and recent events shaping our society, Puigedevall wanted to create a space for people to connect and enjoy beautiful art. “The aspen trees are a metaphor for the ways we are bound as a society,” says Puigdevall. “Just like the aspen trees are all connected at the roots, we are connected at the roots, and in order to see a bigger change in the world, we all have to individually make the change.”

To learn more about the University Village Center student sculpture project, click here.

People holding a sculpture in place
The first piece of the sculpture project goes up at the University Village Center. The tallest piece is eleven feet.
Person facing sculptures in admiration.
Puigdevall watches as the crew continues to install the sculptures.
Inside of the round sculpture piece
A look inside one of the sculptures.
Person touching a sculpture
Throughout the installation process, Puigdevall checks the sculptures for in case they are in need of touch-ups or quick fixes.
Sculpture made to look like an Aspen tree
A close up on the detail of one of the sculptures.
Person pointing in a specific direction
Puigdevall directs the crew on the placement and rotation of the sculptures.
Close up of a round sculpture piece
The smallest sculpture which also holds the title of the project.
Description of the sculpture project.
“Seasons Change, We Grow Together”, Artist: Niki Puigdevall, June 2020, “This public sculpture was made possible through a generous grant provided to Visual Art students at University of Colorado Colorado Springs by University Village Center.”
Aspen tree like sculptures
A completed look of the sculpture project.
Three people sit on a rock in a courtyard with sculptures surrounding them
Puigdevall (center), Jodie Bliss (left) and Kevin Kratt (right) sit on a rock in the middle of the sculptures.
Person hugging sculpture while smiling
Puigdevall proudly hugs one of her sculptures.