Commencement Feature: Meagan Tracey continuing in her family’s footsteps

Meagan Tracey stands next to her grandfather, James.
Meagan Tracey stands next to her grandfather, James.

Following a family legacy, it was no surprise Meagan Tracey found her home at UCCS.

Her grandfather, James Tracey, was the founding dean of the UCCS College of Engineering and Applied Science when it separated from CU Boulder in 1982. In a nod to the building’s future, her grandfather used a robot for the ceremonial groundbreaking and oversaw the construction and eventual opening in 1985.

As a freshman 31 years later, Meagan started as a chemistry major, but realized her passion was in business marketing. With the AACSB accreditation, small class sizes and professor who took the role of not just professor, but mentor, Meagan knew she found where she belonged.

“I remember being a freshman and petrified after starting in the wrong major,” Meagan said. “And now being a senior is crazy. I was so scared and now I have so much confidence. College forced me to get out of my comfort zone.”

UCCS brought Meagan not just professional connections, but social and life-long friendships. It was the support of her peers that kept Meagan going through the hardest of times.

“Make yourself uncomfortable to allow growth, instead of being stagnant,” she advised. “College was scary and hard, but we did it, and there’s no limits to what we can do now.”

Meagan is looking to follow her parent’s footsteps and go into civil service, possibly travel the world like her mom did with the Department of Defense. She is looking to expand out of the marketing realm to allow herself to be well-rounded, and eventually would like to go back to school to obtain her master’s degree.

As for her grandfather? He’s visited Meagan and the campus a few times in the last year, checking in on his old office and the college he once led. It’s been family and the professors who have brought her to a unique commencement ceremony in May for the Class of 2020, and she’s ready to see what endless possibilities are in store for her future.