Proapps works to add IT functionality, save money for campus units

Screenshot of Microsoft Teams with different integrations

If campus employees have thought “I could really use this software to do my work easier,” the Office of Information Technology provides a way to evaluate and address needs across campus.

The Application Development and Support team created a software application review board to serve campus by helping departments identify needs or develop software solutions. The committee reviews requests made from those who are acting on behalf of a department or college, not individual requests. Requestors can send an email to [email protected] with the following questions answered: 

  • What is the problem you are trying to solve?
  • Do you already have a solution in mind? If so, what is it?
  • Who is the main contact?
  • Who is the technical contact?
  • When would you like to deploy this new software? 

“The committee can often address needs with existing programs or technologies which can expedite deployment and lower overall cost,” said Mark Hilberg, director of applications for OIT. “There are a wide variety of application needs across our campus and the university as a whole, many of the needs are common across multiple departments or campuses. In alignment with President Kennedy’s Technology Enablement Initiative, OIT strives to support UCCS software needs but to do so in the most secure and efficient ways possible.”

Once received, the committee will review the request and collaborate with the requester on the appropriate next steps

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