Chancellor visit with Denver alumni and advocates highlights latest campus initiatives

Chancellor Reddy with alumni and advocates
Chancellor Venkat Reddy speaks with alumni and CU Advocates May 30 in Denver. Photo courtesy of Mike Pritchard, CU Foundation.

UCCS is a campus on the move, with a focus on student success, a campus culture of respect and excellence and a strong record of public-private partnerships, Chancellor Venkat Reddy told a group of alumni and CU Advocates at an event in Denver May 30.

The chancellor said UCCS remains committed to its public mission of providing access to higher education to the state of Colorado, and to southern Colorado in particular. The arts, sports, health and cybersecurity help differentiate UCCS from other campuses, Reddy said.

The chancellor also described UCCS’ new Bridge Forward scholarship, which will help students bridge the financial gap between savings, financial aid and college costs that many face. The scholarship will enable students to remain in school and, ultimately, strengthen the regional work force and economy, he said.

Reddy’s presentation and discussion with alumni and advocates is part of a Denver outreach effort by the UCCS Alumni Relations and Annual Giving office.

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Reddy meets with alumni, advocates in Denver luncheon

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