Outstanding Staff Award winner goes beyond position description

Ian Smith’s sense of humor, experience on campus, and willingness to go outside of his position description, make the departments of history, philosophy and humanities run smoothly and effectively, according to his colleagues.

Ian Smith
Ian Smith

Smith, a program assistant who helps all three departments, was recently selected as the UCCS Outstanding Staff Member of the Year. He’ll accept his award during a 4 p.m. May 1 campus award ceremony at Berger Hall. He will also receive a $1,000 bonus.

“Ian has brought an insider’s staff sense of what changes would make the departments function more effectively both for faculty and students,” Paul Harvey, professor, Department of History and department chair, wrote. “He has supervised an enthusiastic staff of student workers who have quite literally helped to bring us to the 21st century.”

Previously, Smith, a seven- year UCCS staff member, worked for the Department of Physics and the Office of Admissions and Records. Assigned to his current position, for 18 months, he wasted little time in creating a positive effect.

“Don’t grieve – tell Ian and it will be taken care of,” Lorraine Arangno, senior instructor, Department of Philosophy, wrote. “And not some time next semester but as soon as possible!”

Harvey and Arangno cited Smith’s willingness to take on extra duties as well as his compassion for others. A student wandering the halls will be intercepted as was an ill faculty member who received extra help navigating her wheelchair through narrow Columbine Hall passage ways. Department of History Instructor Barbara Headle cited Smith’s help with her course and Smith’s volunteering to portray one of Fountain’s early founders, a Scottish immigrant named Riddoch.

“Ian not only mastered the basic script but he also mastered the Scottish brogue the historical Mr. Riddoch would have had,” Headle wrote.

“Ian’s exceptional efforts paid off – he significantly impressed not only UCCS faculty who attended the cemetery walk as well as his fellow student volunteer actors but Ian also deeply impressed Fountain’s community members including the City Council.”

 Photo by Tom Hutton

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