35 call boxes on campus provide direct access to UCCS Police

UCCS community members can use one of 35 emergency call boxes across campus to report an emergency or suspicious activity, and Sgt. Lisa Dipzinski demonstrates how one works in the department’s new Safety Tip Tuesday video released on social media Feb. 5.

The boxes, marked on campus with blue lights on top, have two buttons that puts the caller directly in contact with the UCCS Police dispatch center (black button) or the Colorado Springs Police dispatch center (red button). The UCCS dispatch center will have an immediate location based on the call box used, which can also help with response times.

The call boxes are in addition to cell phones and land line phones that people can use to call the dispatch centers. For the UCCS dispatch center, which will reach officers who are familiar with specific buildings and room locations on campus, the number is (719) 255-3111. Outside agencies use the 911 system, and then immediately contact UCCS Police to respond first.

The UCCS Police Department employs 17 sworn, state-certified and commissioned peace officers in addition to five campus service and housing security officers.

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