After winter break, police encourage you to check the condition of your bicycle on campus

Students and employees who left bicycles on campus during the winter break are encouraged to check to make sure they are still secure, but if they’ve been stolen or damaged, to contact UCCS Police in the department’s Jan. 29 Safety Tip Tuesday video.

Sergeant Lisa Dipzinski encourages students to call the police department at (719) 255-3111 to make the report. Some of the details police will ask will be serial number, any tags, marks or stickers that can help identify it, and a picture of the bicycle.

UCCS Police work with other departments in the state and local pawn shops to help recover stolen bicycles. The department has been successful in recovering stolen bicycles in the past.

Only two bicycles were reported stolen on campus in 2018, but colleges campuses are often a target because of the high concentration of bicycles. Cyclists are encouraged to use a u-lock around the frame of their bicycle to prevent thefts.

UCCS offers free registration of bicycles on campus through the Parking and Transportation Office. The information provided during the registration process also makes it easier and quicker to recover any bicycles that are reported stolen.

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