Campus Drupal web migration complete

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Most users probably didn’t notice subtle changes on the main UCCS homepage in May 2018 – but the update marked one of the final steps of a nearly three-year project to migrate the website to the Drupal web content management system.

More than 10,000 pages in 265 sites made the migration in the last 10 months with support from the Web Services team in the Office of Information Technology.

“Drupal provides the 500 UCCS staff and student employees who manage websites an easier way to keep content updated,” said Craig Decker, manager, Web Services. “With an open-source platform, we’re able to tap into a global resource of 35,000 developers to maintain the best services for our users.”

Work now begins on a redesign to the main UCCS pages. Web Services and University Marketing are working in consultation with Karsh Hagen, the university’s marketing agency, on implementing new designs and content by the start of the fall 2018 semester. After the new design is implemented, campus web managers can work directly with Web Services to implement any projects that have built up during the migration. Users can provide feedback on the website, like broken links or error messages, through the “IT Feedback” form within the Cherwell Self Service System.

The Drupal platform replaces Ingeniux, which had been used by campus since 2011. Web Services began to work in 2015 to replace the system with testing and development before an aggressive move to migrate pages into Drupal in late 2017.

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