Oversight increases for student government

Robert Wonnett, vice chancellor, Student Success, will have direct oversight and supervision of all activities of the UCCS Student Government, Chancellor Pam Shockley-Zalabak announced Thursday. Additionally, student elections will be delayed to allow time to examine a new constitution for the group. (pdf of memo)


TO: UCCS Student Government Association
FROM: Chancellor Pam Shockley-Zalabak
RE: SGA Procedures and Actions
DATE: April 9, 2009

The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs continues to support the principle of shared governance. The shared governance process includes setting standards for decision making involving students, faculty, and staff. The Student Government Association (SGA) provides an opportunity for UCCS students to participate in the shared governance process.

Participation in the shared governance process encourages all members of the UCCS Student Government Association to support the principles and core values of the university as members of the UCCS administrative structure. All members of UCCS governing bodies are accountable to maintain the university mission and abide by all applicable laws and policies. In fall 2008, I asked for a 3 year review of student fee allocations to determine the appropriateness of past student fee allocations. Additionally I established a requirement that all SGA members receive training on the principles of viewpoint neutrality and discrimination. Finally, I commenced a revision of the SGA Constitution.

I have been informed that the student fee review did not find any violations and since November 2008, SGA members have received training in viewpoint neutrality, the BIG Idea, and funding guidelines. Over the last several days, Vice Chancellor for Student Success Robert Wonnett has reported to me his concerns over the failure of SGA to adhere to certain procedures of the SGA Constitution and bylaws for convening meetings and conducting SGA business.

I have granted Vice Chancellor Wonnett direct supervision and administrative oversight over all activities of the UCCS Student Government Association in order to address these concerns and prevent future violations. During this review period Vice Chancellor Wonnett will provide and approve all SGA activities and actions.

I am delaying the student government elections scheduled for the week of April 20 to permit time to examine and ratify the new constitution. Vice Chancellor Wonnett will maintain direct supervision and administrative oversight of the SGA until the new constitution is ratified and spring elections are concluded.

Vice Chancellor Wonnett and Senior Associate University Counsel Augstine will conduct a final review of the newly proposed SGA Constitution, bylaws, procedures, and activities of the UCCS Student Government Association. Vice Chancellor Wonnett and Senior Associate University Counsel Augustine anticipate completing their review and finalizing the new constitution during the next several weeks. Upon my approval of the report and the new constitution Vice Chancellor Wonnett will schedule a Legislative Counsel meeting to present the new constitution for ratification by the Legislative Counsel.

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