Who’s New / Changes – July 2009

  • Jesse Johnson, custodial intern, Facilities Services, effective March 1.
  • Rebecca Cope, assistant director, University Center, effective April 27.
  • Richard Tobin, professional research assistant, Institute for Bioenergetics, effective April 1.
  • Gail Reutershan, administrative assistant, Freshman Seminar, effective May 1.
  • Michael Sanderson, recruitment coordinator, Graduate School, effective May 1.
  • Adam Polok, professional research assistant, Electrical and Computer Engineering, effective May 1.
  • Yuriy Garbovskiy, senior research associate, Physics, effective April 27.
  • Poval Krivosik, senior research associate, Physics, effective May 8.
  • Bradley Thacker, trainee, Facilities Services, effective April 24.
  • Christopher Hedrick, trainee, Facilities Services, effective May 11.
  • Phillip Gallegos, trainee, Facilities Services, effective May 11.
  • Martin Toetz, police officer, Public Safety, effective May 15.
  • Timothy Lowder, mechanical trades, Faciliities Services, effective May 15.
  • Denise Sheridan, general professional, Public Safety, effective June 1.
  • Stanley Rovira, project manager, Facilities Services, effective June 1.
  • John Salnaitis, associate director, Admissions and Records, effective June 1.

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