19 join UCCS

Human ResourcesNineteen people accepted teaching and non-teaching positions at UCCS in January, according to the Department of Human Resources.

Their names, titles and departments follow

  • Brian Bagnas, custodian, Physical Plant Department
  • Bobby Baker, information technology professional, Telecommunications Department
  • Michael Byam, custodian, Physical Plant Department
  • Dillon Cordray, assistant director business services, University Center
  • Janice Dowsett, program director, Academic Services, College of Business
  • Laura Emmot, human resources professional, Chancellor’s Office
  • Donald Fox, assistant director, External Relations, UCCS Presents
  • Brett Garman, program manager, Development Office
  • Lisa Herman-Worley, finance and accounting senior professional, Financial Services
  • Marie Hoerner, instructor, Geography and Environmental Studies Department
  • Helena Kania, custodian, Physical Plant Department
  • Darcia Kunkel, administrative assistant, Military Science Department
  • Hannah Seibert, business services professional, University Center
  • Gerry Sims, custodian, Physical Plant Department
  • Francie Sims, custodian, Physical Plant Department
  • Scott Smith, public safety program director, Public Safety Department
  • Elissa Unger, development manager, Development Office
  • Susan Vandagriff, assistant professor, Kraemer Family Library
  • Daryl Warren, equipment operation, Parking and Transportation Services

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