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The Human Resources Office recently provided the names of more than 20 new faculty and staff members who joined the UCCS community in December and January.

Luke Boilini, production, Copy Center, effective Dec. 3.

Susan Swank, psychologist, Counseling Center, effective Dec. 7.

Dustin Baker,  research assistant, Psychology, effective Jan. 15.

Michael Bianco, police officer, Public Safety, effective Jan. 1.

Robert Bode, director, Student Financial Aid and Employment, effective Jan. 27.

Norma Brown, instructor, Beth-el College of Nursing, effective Jan. 12.

Michelle Erlacher, program assistant, College of Education, effective Jan. 11.

Kathleen Fitzpatrick, program manager, Center for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education, effective Jan.1.

Lisa Gilman, alumni support professional, College of Business, effective Jan. 11.

Deborah Kenny, associate professor, Beth-el College of Nursing and Health Sciences, effective Jan.11.

Olivia Lundberg, instructor, Visual and Performing Arts, effective Jan.13.

Michelle Neely, senior instructor, English, effective Jan. 12.

Warren Schubert, interim director, Campus wide Extended Studies, effective Jan.11.

Colleen Stiles, instructor, Bachelor of Innovation, effective Jan. 12.

John Suthers, scholar in residence, School of Public Affairs, effective Jan.1.

Garrett Swasey, police officer intern,  Public Safety, effective Jan.1.

Scott Switzer, director of technology and distance education, College of Education, effective Jan.1.

Suzanne Thrasher, administrative assistant, Student Success Center, effective Jan. 1.

Veerakumar Venugopal, senior research associate, Physics, effective Jan. 15.

Thomas Wahl, instructor, English, effective Jan. 12.

David Walker, shuttle bus driver, Public Safety, effective Jan. 1.

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