Photo Feature: Significant Speaker Event with Josh Peck

On Wednesday, April 17, UCCS held its annual Significant Speaker Event. This year’s event featured Josh Peck as the speaker. Assistant Vice Chancellor for Health and Wellness Stephanie Hanenberg served as moderator.

This year’s student selection committee were focused on bringing in a presenter who could speak to mental health, person success and confidence. Peck, a well-known actor and social media star, promises to deliver candid and humorous insights into “making it” as a child star and beyond.

Peck has had an illustrious acting career, starring in several well-known television and film projects, most recently Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer. Peck also starred in Netflix’s indie comedy Take The 10 and the action feature Red Dawn, in addition to appearing on well-known television series including The Big Bang Theory and The Mindy Project.

Peck has also lent his voice to the Ice Age blockbuster franchise as the character of ‘Eddie,’ as well as in Aliens in the Attic, in which he plays the voice of the character Sparks. On television, he is best known for his role of ‘Josh’ on the Nickelodeon series Drake & Josh, for which he received a 2008 Kid’s Choice Award nomination.

He is also the author of “Happy People Are Annoying,” a humorous and candid memoir reflecting on the stumbles and silver linings of his life—including early struggles with food, drugs, self-esteem, and self-sabotage—and tracing a zigzagging path to redemption.