Clyde’s Kudos: March 2024

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Clyde’s Kudos: March 2024


Cynthia Joos and Yvonne Weeres | UCCS Advancement Marketing and Communications Team |

UCCS Marketing & Communications Team


Bradley Plesz | Greg Dalberg | Heather Allen | Jenna Press | Jennifer Newcomb | Kelly Small | Kelsey Takahashi | Lillian Hogan | Lisa Harner | Luisa Gomez Agustin | Lynne Bowman Cravens | Malcolm Barnes | Nancy Mars | Nick Martinez | Noelle San Souci | Rachel Seton | Sabrina Wienholtz | Sgt. Patrick Warren | Shal DeLuna | Suzie Williams (x2) | Tessa Schulz


To: Cynthia Joos and Yvonne Weeres
From: Anon.

I would like to send kudos to Cynthia and Yvonne for taking on the Office Supply Swap every year. It has been a great way to remove extra supplies from departments. I have seen students in their finding supplies that might help organize their rooms for their studies. They have it organized where it is easy to find various supplies. 

To: UCCS Advancement Marketing and Communications Team
From: Anon.

The MARCOMM Team went above and beyond in the past month working tirelessly to keep our campus informed during difficult times. Their thoughtful, compassionate communication helped to guide so many and provide reassurance! You are all so appreciated and thank you for putting in the extra work to ensure we are informed. 

To: UCCS Marketing & Communications Team
From: Anon.

We have an incredibly talented marcom team here at UCCS. I always appreciate the collaborations, the insights, knowledge, and skills they bring to projects I’ve had an opportunity to work with them on. We are so fortunate to have a highly skilled team of communications who broaden communication across the campus and beyond. Thank you to the team for all that you do! 


To: Bradley Plesz
From: Eric M. Olson

The State of Colorado recently passed legislation requiring all state agencies to modify their on-line materials to be accessible by individuals with disabilities. This has required all COB faculty to make significant modifications to our on-line course materials in short order. Bradley has provided excellent support to help us accomplish this on a timely basis. Despite being asked to repeatedly cover the same material he consistently maintains a calm and reassuring demeanor. 

To: Greg Dalberg
From: Brent Wallace

Greg has been working the Biology Dept. for 2 years and has given his all to ensure laboratories are operational.  Fantastic Job Greg!

To: Heather Allen
From: Kelly Small

Heather goes above and beyond in her acts of kindness to others and her fostering connection between multiple offices. She brings holiday treats to multiple offices and has organized support for a co-worker out of the office because of an injury. In addition, she creates connection between all the EA’s by organizing recurring lunches and special events for the EA’s to connect and support each other. 

To: Jenna Press
From: Anon.

Jenna did an OUTSTANDING job managing each of the efforts related to the crisis communications around the February 16th tragedy. She is poised, professional, proactive and persistent. She navigated the communications department perfectly through each of the problems she was presented with. She operated with precision through the day, weekend, and weeks following the incident. UCCS is lucky to have such a proficient person in her position. We are proud of you, Jenna – thank you for all you do!

To: Jennifer Newcomb
From: Ashley DeLoach

Jennifer is extremely joyful to be around, she always goes above and beyond, stays late to help others, volunteers and helps with a smile with coworkers events, and has a heart for students so much so that she is going back to get her second masters the in SAHE program. 

To: Kelly Small
From: Gabby Hensley

Kelly has been a big help over the past few weeks as we are hiring a new position. She helped me feel more comfortable with the process and was so proactive at making sure things were done efficiently and correctly. I truly appreciate all that she has done!

To: Kelsey Takahashi
From: Eric Nissen

Kelsey is a student staff person on the Marketing team. We were developing a promotional campaign for a regional conference for a partner on campus and needed to research the advertising opportunities for the target audience, which was specific. Kelsey researched many of the most significant advertising channels pertaining to this audience, compiled her findings in a comprehensive presentation, and provided recommendations based on the budget and the likelihood of effectiveness. It was a thorough, professional job of compiling a lot of research into comprehensible take always, which greatly aided our planning.

To: Lillian Hogan
From: Anon.

For always being so generous and helpful and always has jokes.

To: Lisa Harner
From: Bill Craighead

Lisa did fantastic work with a thorough update of a data dashboard for the UCCS Economic Forum.  She was very flexible with many changes and produced some beautiful visualizations.

To: Luisa Gomez Agustin
From: Ciara 

Because she is amazing and she always has a positive attitude.

To: Lynne Bowman Cravens
From: Joy Armstrong

Lynne was still in her first few months at UCCS when the GOCA Director resigned, leaving her as the sole full-time employee at the gallery. During this time, she was not only still onboarding into her position as Exhibition and Events Manager, but also learning how to manage the day-to-day operations and administration of GOCA. She oversaw the most labor-intensive installation in recent memory, Martha Russo’s caesura, which included tens of thousands of individual elements making up unconventional objects, large scale outdoor sculptures, a massive long term indoor installation, the publication of an exhibition catalogue, and supervising scores of additional workers, spanning more than eight months. Lynne went above and beyond the call, keeping the gallery running at full capacity during the nearly year-long interim period between directors, then providing significant and ongoing support for the new director.

She is an adept problem solver, respected leader of student workers, and invaluable colleague. UCCS and GOCA are lucky to have her!

Photo: Lynne Bowman Cravens (fourth from left) with student employees and Martha Russo at the opening of caesura

To: Malcolm Barnes
From: Anon.

As the media production lead for UCCS Online, Malcolm has been making mountains move to support faculty with the creation of engaging media for their courses. He’s creating processes and connections that will be incredibly important to advancing the use of media effectively and professionally in courses. Appreciate his addition to our team and to UCCS.   

To: Nancy Mars
From: Jerilyn Taylor

Nancy has done an amazing job getting our website, employee meetings and e-mails set up for the voluntarily retirement incentive program. This has been a lot of work with quick deadlines. She has been ready and willing to do what it takes to get the job done.

To: Nick Martinez
From: Anon.

Nick Martinez in the Controller’s Office is very helpful and knowledgeable, always a joy to work with.

To: Noelle San Souci
From: Brad Bayer

Props to Noelle San Souci, Associate Director of Student Engagement and the Student Government Association Advisor, for supporting and guiding the SGA to a successful Student Body Election.  Noelle’s collaboration with key campus partners and attention to the myriad of details on every level, made a significant impact and led to so many positive outcomes. 

To: Rachel Seton
From: Ashley DeLoach

Rachel is amazing at what she does and works hard so that others don’t have to work as hard. She took on a huge extra project and helped us organize our SharePoint when she was not asked to. She made a point to help each section get back on track and is often helping others when she can. She is amazing and a great person. 

To: Sabrina Wienholtz
From: Anon.

My onboarding was not Sabrina’s responsibility, but she stepped up and made sure I had the tools I needed to do my job. Sabrina set aside time for check-ins with me and went out of her way to include me in campus culture. 

To: Sgt. Patrick Warren 
From: Graves Shift

Sgt. Warren is absolutely an example of remarkable leadership. Sgt Warren makes himself available to his officers’, whether he is on duty or not. Sgt Warren has MULTIPLE times come into work to assist officers. Sgt Warren stepped up while off duty during both the tragic passing of Mia Brown and the terrible events of 02/16. Sgt Warren has also arrived on campus to assist officers for less serious calls or made himself available to give advice. Sgt Warren is a pleasure to work under and cultivates a positive work environment. He never talks down or belittles a subordinate and is always wanting to hear the opinion of both more and less experienced officers. 

To: Shal DeLuna
From: Sarah Jane Baker and EAS Dean’s Office

Shal has assisted the EAS Dean’s Office a few times in the past several weeks with different requests. She responds promptly and goes above and beyond to assist with communicating with her team to provide excellent results for our buildings. The EAS Dean’s Office is so grateful to Shal and the custodial team that works in our buildings. THANK YOU!!

To: Suzie Williams
From: Eric M. Olson

The State of Colorado recently passed legislation requiring all state agencies to modify their on-line materials to be accessible by individuals with disabilities. This has required all COB faculty to make significant modifications to our on-line course materials in short order. Susie has provided excellent support to help us accomplish this on a timely basis. Despite being asked to repeatedly cover the same material she consistently maintains a calm and reassuring demeanor. ork!

To: Suzie Williams
From: Anon.

Suzie is always willing to help out, even though I ask the same questions over and over.  One example is “How to I extend the time for an online student quiz for just one individual?”  I’m sure it must be frustrating to answer the same questions over and over, but she does so with a smile.

Knowing I have such a valuable resource allows me to go ahead and try new things, knowing that she will be there to ‘clean things up’ should I fail too miserably.

To: Tessa Schulz
From: Anon.

Tessa is an amazing resource in the Registrar’s office. She is always willing to go above and beyond to help out and find the right answers to student’s questions! Thank you for all you do!

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