Photo Feature: UCCS Solidarity Walk

On Monday, February 19, 2024, the UCCS community came together for a solidarity walk to share thoughts and emotions and create a space to mourn and heal together.

“We stand as one community, bound together by a shared purpose and commitment to each other,” said UCCS Police Chief Dewayne McCarver. “In our unity lies our strength. It is imperative that we support one another, extending our hands in solidarity, and persist in our efforts to uplift and assist each member of our community. Together, we can overcome any challenge and build a brighter future for all.”

“While I wish we were gathered under better circumstances, it is difficult moments like this that highlight just how strong our UCCS community truly is,” said UCCS Student Body President Axel Brown. “If you ever feel like you need someone to listen, a friend to join you in activities, or a ridiculous joke, please know you can come to me.”  

“When violence enters into our campus, into our home, it shatters our feelings of safety, of security,” said UCCS Chancellor Jennifer Sobanet. “It reminds us of the sanctity and fragility of life. But these tragedies also remind us of our strength. We are Mountain Lions. We are resilient. The world will test us, but it will not break us.”

“Together we mourn. Together we grieve. And together, we will heal,” she continued. “Rely on one another. Reach out to one another. Check on your friends and loved ones. The pace of life mercilessly moves forward; the pace of the heart is much slower. Healing will take time. Rebuilding the trust and safety of our campus will take time. But we are in it together. It is on us to do the work; it is on us to ask for help when we need it. Honor what you are feeling. Make space for yourself. It is okay to not be okay. None of us are.”

“Grief is a deeply personal experience, but one that we share,” she concluded. “It is the strength of our community, the temper of our bond as Mountain Lions, and our dedication to one another that will rebuild our broken hearts, that will give us the strength to heal.”

You can view a video of the walk below.