Angela Wang ’21 | Living Out Her Bold Life

Angela Wang ’21 is living out some of her wildest dreams – traveling the world, reinventing her love and passion for ice skating and walking boldly through life.  

Angela started at UCCS in 2015 and eased into school because she was also training full time as a Team USA figure skater. She started off taking two weekend classes because training took up most of her week. 

After a while, she enrolled in more classes in the Helen and Arthur E. Johnson Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences where she majored in Exercise Science.  

“I kept going part time through 2018, with one or two full time semesters in there, then I took a break in 2019 to go skate professionally on cruise ships,” said Angela. “With the entertainment industry on pause during the pandemic, I decided it was the perfect opportunity for me to go back and finish my degree, and I graduated in 2021 with a BS in Exercise Science.” 

It took Angela seven years to earn her UCCS degree, but she looks back and would not have changed her journey or the time dedicated to pursuing her education while also training as an athlete.  

“I loved that UCCS gave me the opportunity to have a balance between training and school,” she said. “It made me have other goals besides just athletics to work toward. The professors I had were wonderful in helping me out when I had to miss class for competitions, and they were so supportive; I will always be so thankful for them!” 

With Angela’s goals set on graduating from UCCS, she also still felt her calling and passion as an ice skater – and today she is living out the best of that calling.  

“I’m currently a professional ice skater on Royal Caribbean cruise ships. I started in early 2019, stopped a year later during the pandemic, and went back to it in the beginning of 2022.” 

A day in the life for Angela on a cruise ship includes not only her performance commitments but supporting the overall cruise operations. 

“In addition to performing, I have other jobs and of course safety duties just like any other crew member onboard,” said Angela. “Once a week we have a safety drill—it could be a fire, grounding or collision, or security threat. That usually starts around 9:30 a.m., so I’ll get up at 8:30 a.m. or 9 a.m. to make some coffee, check emails and get ready for the day.” 

Angela’s schedule varies depending on her responsibilities, and sometimes her days don’t end until after midnight. For those late nights, she prepares for shows a little differently. 

“A pre-show nap is essential for me,” said Angela. “Then I have an espresso to get through the rest of the day and head to the skating venue onboard before my on-ice warmup time. I do my presets, such as setting up backstage and laying out my costumes in a way that allows me to make the required quick changes. Then I start my off-ice warmup routine—this consists of mobility, some physical therapy exercises, a core workout, dynamic stretching and jump walkthroughs.” 

Included in that routine is doing her own hair and makeup, which either takes place in her personal cabin or within a dressing room. 

“On bigger ships we have a dressing room with lighted mirrors, but on the smaller ship I was just on this past year we didn’t have that, so I have to get ready in my cabin.” 

Angela enjoys her busy schedule because she is doing what she loves. When Angela looks back on what she’s accomplished, she is proud of obtaining her degree and for going after her dreams. 

“A degree from UCCS will set you up for success. My time there gave me so many unique experiences and connections,” said Angela. “The people I met along the way have changed my life, from classmates to professors.”  

When asked what advice she would give current students, Angela shared this: 

“Make friends in every class and study together! Asking each other questions and talking things through makes understanding and retaining the information so much easier. Some of the closest friends I have now are people I met during my time at UCCS.” 

Angela does see physical therapy school in her future, but for now, she is boldly living out her purpose and enjoying life.