Clyde’s Kudos: August 2023

Clyde’s Kudos are a Staff Association initiative celebrated each month on Communique. Nominations are also recognized through a variety of forums including the Staff Association website, the Staff Association newsletter, event shout-outs, handwritten cards and other methods of distribution.

Clyde’s Kudos: August 2023


Ana Mullen & Sara Jackson | Erika Perry, Lenore Brown, Will Goldner, Akilah Murray, Jerica Pratt, Ralph Giese, Lillian Hogan, Angela Storck & Shawn Hood | Grounds Crew | Ida Dilwood & Rachel Gibson | Maia Vaughan & Vanessa Ea | Residence Life and Housing | Stephen Cucchiara & Noelle San Souci | UCCS Office of Financial Aid and Student Employment


Amanda Salazar | Andy Johnston | Charlie Bowers | Deborah OConnor | Errol (shuttle driver) | Gabby Hensley | Hope Hoch | Ian Ratz | Isaac Poole | Jeff Foster | Jennifer Newcomb | Jennifer Poe | Johnny de la Cruz | Katelyn Mansker | Katie Harris | Kelli Klebe | Kim Sutton | Leah Harris | Lindsay Knell | Marcus Davis | Margie Oldham | Mikey Sanchez | Natasha Lemmermann | Obed Orozo Salais | Olivia McDonald | Paul Denison | Pauline Hoyte | Rhonda Glazier | Sarah Fillman | Simone Woods | Stephen Cucchiara | Suzie Williams | Tobias Wuellner


To: Ana Mullen & Sara Jackson 
From: Anon.

Ana and Sara have had to deal with an increased workload and the uncertainty of transitions and change. They are an invaluable asset to the UCCS Primary Care Clinic. Thanks to you both for all of your hard work!

To: Erika Perry, Lenore Brown, Will Goldner, Akilah Murray, Jerica Pratt, Ralph Giese, Lillian Hogan, Angela Storck & Shawn Hood
From: Molly Kinne

Great job on a successful opening, you all are amazing! 

To: Grounds crew
From: Anon.

The campus has looked absolutely beautiful all summer. Thanks for all of your hard work to maintain the lawns, flowers, trees, walkways, etc. It is greatly appreciated. 

To: Ida Dilwood &  Rachel Gibson
From: Candace Howard

As a new employee, it is important to always feel welcomed when starting a new position, or even starting with a new employer entirely. My Director Ida Dilwood and Assistant Director Rachel Gibson has GREATLY surpassed my expectations.  They have made this a very wonderful employee experience and environment. From ensuring that I am supplied with every resource possible to learn my position, to even connecting me with other departments on UCCS campus right away. They have shown great dedication, support and ensuring that I am set up for success for my role.

My team as well with My Director and Assistant Director, have been simply wonderful. 

To: Maia Vaughan & Vanessa Ea
From: Gabby Hensley

Maia and Vanessa have been awesome to work with on updating the Admissions swag and marketing materials that the Admissions team takes to fairs and events. They really stepped up to help lighten the workload by finding what they wanted to do and coordinated the ordering of the materials. It was a joy to work with them on such fun projects and I hope that the new materials help showcase how great UCCS is!

To: Residence Life and Housing
From: Anon.

The department of Residence Life and Housing did a phenomenal job during move-in last week for Fall 2023!! They worked tireless days preparing for move-in, RA training and rounding up volunteers!! Way to go TEAM!

To: Stephen Cucchiara & Noelle San Souci
From: Cody P.

This staff duo has done an absolutely amazing job piloting the new Student Engagement Leaders program for Clyde’s Kickoff Week (CKO). They did this on top of their other duties, which included planning and hosting many large-scale campus events, and teaching GPS courses. The attendance numbers are incredible for CKO events, and that’s a testament to the great planning, training, and implementation of these two. Fantastic work, Stephen and Noelle!

To: UCCS Office of Financial Aid and Student Employment
From: Jevita Rogers

An incredible start to the Fall 2023 semester.  The office has exceeded it’s numbers of students awarded, receiving their funding and being hired.  All our numbers are above last year and students have had very little wait til in the office or via phone calls and/or emails. Thanks to all of you for all you do.  This both our professional staff and student staff!! Everyone is AWESOME!! 


To: Amanda Salazar
From: Heather Allen

As soon as I hear Amanda playing her saxophone outside of Main Hall, I rush to open my window. It is such a joy to hear calming music during a busy day.
Thank you for your time and music, Amanda! 😊

To: Andy Johnston
From: Mikayla Greenfield

Andy always goes above and beyond. He has helped me keep our Talent Acquisition and multiple position searches moving forward while I have been short staffed. He is always friendly, helpful, and supports us with innovative methods in TA.

To: Charlie Bowers 
From: Anon.

Charlie has been asked to fill in when a recent staff member left UCCS, and she has done this with professionalism and grace.
Thanks, Charlie!

To: Deborah OConnor
From: Anon.

I would like to recognize Deborah Oconnor for her time and assistance with some challenges we were having within our department.  She helped us locate campus and system policies to help provide clarification.  She was always willing to talk through possible solutions and outcomes.  Anytime my department calls her she is always happy to help.  Thank you for always going above and beyond with a smile.

To: Errol (shuttle driver)
From: Anon.

I was carrying a lot of items and spilled everything in the parking lot and Errol did not hesitate to help out. It helped me immensely. I am so grateful for people on campus, like Errol. Thank you!! 

To: Gabby Hensley
From: Jenna Press

Gabby was immensely helpful when I asked her for help with a last-minute design project. She turned it around in a matter of hours and produced amazing work, as always! 

To: Hope Hoch
From: Anon.

Hope helps us out in Hybl with our administrative tasks.  Thank you for all that you do.

To: Ian Ratz
From: Erc M. Olson

While overall campus enrollments are down, Ian Ratz’s coordinated efforts have boosted Sport Management program enrollments by over 50% from the previous three year averages. And he has done this with an ever present smile and good nature he brings to the job daily.

To: Isaac Poole
From: Monica Sedillo

Isaac has been a fantastic search committee chair – very organized, helpful, and he always brings the fun! It’s been a pleasure working with him in this capacity. OIT is very lucky to have someone who can provide the comedic relief!

To: Jeff Foster
From: Gabby Hensley

Jeff has and continues to be an integral part of making sure the UCCS brand is represented accurately and constantly tries to push the brand to the next level. Earlier this summer, he worked tirelessly with the Colleges and campus partners to make sure information in the viewbooks was accurate and representative to their areas. Over the last few weeks, he has spent hours taking photos of events around campus that help showcase the amazing events Student Life and other campus partners have put on. There are so many other examples of him collaborating with those all over campus and I can’t imagine where the brand would be without all of his hard work. 

To: Jennifer Newcomb
From: Markus M-C 

DCHS lost our ASP over the summer and have been working to hire for the position. Jennifer has stepped in to help our department during the interim and been a huge help to us (on top of her other responsibilities)! 

To: Jennifer Poe
From: Emily Skop

Jennifer is an incredible project manager for Project CREST! She keeps us on task, organizes all the moving parts, maintains professionalism at all times, and is dependable and gracious!

To: Johnny de la Cruz
From: Anon.

Johnny as our lab manager goes out of his way to help our Department to solve all sorts of issues, even technology-related ones!  Thank you for all that you do!

To: Katelyn Mansker
From: Cody P.

Katelyn did an outstanding job supporting her Graduate Assistant, Tory Patsis, as she coordinated UC Premiere Night, which took place last Friday, Aug. 18th. Tory did amazing handling such a complex coordination challenge, and that is surely in no small part a result of Katelyn’s supervision and support. Congratulations, Katelyn!

To: Katie Harris
From: Eric Olson

Never mind that it is the start of the semester and as chaotic as it gets, Katie Harris simply gets the job done on time, correctly, and with a smile that somehow comes across even when your discussion with her is via email.

To: Kelli Klebe
From: Benjamin Kwitek

Thank you to Kelli Klebe for her outstanding and unwavering support of the Innovation Program at UCCS. She has helped our program grow and prosper. As we move to LAS, I wanted to recognize her. She has been a pillar of UCCS as a Professor, Dean, and Interim Provost. UCCS is fortunate to have her continuing leadership.

To: Kim Sutton 
From: Anon.

Kim has been working hard to keep the UCCS Primary Care Clinic moving forward after significant changes and transitions.
Thanks, Kim 

To: Leah Harris
From: Shannon

Leah successfully completed the busiest conference season to date!  Not only did she keep the ship afloat but did so without any issues or complaints.  She is a Rockstar in customer service and a stellar example for her student employees.  Thanks for being awesome, Leah!!

To: Lindsay Knell
From: Laurel Bidwell

As the dynamics of our department have shifted and evolved over the past year, Lindsay’s dedication and tireless support can’t go unmentioned. Holding her position as a Business Services Professional in the CJ department, she’s been our rock during times we lacked administrative support. Without a dedicated Business Services Professional on board, Lindsay seamlessly stepped in, filling the void with remarkable grace and efficiency.

From handling the intricate administrative tasks to providing the crucial backup support we so dearly needed, her hands-on approach ensured the department continued to function seamlessly. What truly stands out is Lindsay’s genuine willingness to support the team in any capacity, combined with her positive attitude and proactive nature.

To: Marcus Davis
From: Amy Huntington, Veterans Health and Trauma Clinic 

Shout out to Marcus Davis for ALWAYS going above and beyond with any help we need. Whether it’s building repairs, our ever testy elevator at the Lane Center, heating and cooling, anything at all, Marcus is always ready and happy to help. He keeps us posted with any important building updates, and reminds us! Marcus maintains a great attitude always. Great work Mr. Davis! 

To: Margie Oldham
From: Anon.

Margie went completely above and beyond to organize two stellar events for the English Department in August: an alumni panel and an alum book signing and reading. She partnered with the Career Center so we could host events in the Center and with Alumni Relations to provide recognition to speakers. She took several steps to make flyers, collect RSVPs on Mountain Lion Connect, and spread the word to students. Both events were a wonderful success! Students who attended were interested and connected with alums, and our alums felt celebrated and valued. Thank you, Margie, for all that you do!

To: Mikey Sanchez
From: Laurel Bidwell

As we navigate through the ups and downs in our department, it’s impossible not to acknowledge the monumental role Mikey has played. Since his promotion from Business Services Professional to Human Resources Professional, we’ve faced transitions in multiple staff members who came and left from his old position. Mikey stepped in without hesitation to help us out. Sometimes doing training and sometimes doing the work himself. Drawing from his deep knowledge, he’s ensured we didn’t skip a beat.

His unwavering positivity, commitment to the team, and sheer determination to help in any way he can have been nothing short of inspirational. It’s not just the big tasks but the numerous small acts of kindness and proactive approach that truly make the difference.

I want to acknowledge and celebrate Mikey’s invaluable contributions and thank him for being such a crucial pillar during these times.

To: Natasha Lemmermann
From: Benjamin Kwitek

Natasha has been incredibly helpful with our renovation work in the Innovation Lab. Her knowledge and expertise allow for quick decisions and great outcomes with design, procurement, and project management. Thank you!

To: Obed Orozo Salais
From: Jana Hoffmann and COE

Dear Obed, we are consistently amazed by your performance and the hard work you do every day. It’s incredible to see you always show up with a smile, have a positive attitude, and constantly give 100% on all the facilities projects you handle. We see you and appreciate you!

Thank you for your help and support in the College of Education. We couldn’t do it without your hard work.

To: Olivia McDonald
From: Zak Kroger

Olivia is an absolute delight! She is extremely knowledgeable, helpful and insightful for all things web related, and is always able to help out in ways and give advice that I never would have considered otherwise.

To: Paul Denison
From: Anon.

Paul gave a phenomenal presentation on the TAAP program to new faculty and took the time to answer everyone’s questions. Thank you, Paul, for all that you and your team have done to roll out the new program, and thank you for taking the time to educate new faculty on the program.

To: Pauline Hoyte
From: Anon.

Pauline makes our life in Hybl that much easier with all that she does.  Thank you for all that you do.

To: Rhonda Glazier
From: Anon.

With the Kramer Family Library short staffed I have watched Rhonda go above and beyond to cover the responsibilities of one of the more critical vacant positions KFL has, all while maintaining her own workload. We are all looking for inspiration to and I am happy to share with you all an example of selflessness that encourages my best efforts. Way to Go Rhonda!     

To: Sarah Fillman
From: Kimberly Guyer

Sarah was awarded the Inspiration in Student Affairs Practice Award by the 2023 SAHE cohort. Congratulations, Sarah! Thanks for all you do!!!

To: Simone Woods
From: Anon.

Simone recently came back from maternity leave and we have all missed her so much. As one of the medical assistants, she is such an integral part of the Student Wellness Center.  She has been with the Student Wellness Center for 5 yrs and helps make the clinic run smoothly by understanding the clinic details, provider preferences, and students needs. She is efficient, detail oriented, friendly, able to triage safely and proficiently, an excellent communicator, and a wonder person to work with. 

To: Stephen Cucchiara
From: Anon.

For the amazing dedication and commitment to making welcome week amazing. The theme was wonderful and you lead your team through it all beautifully. 

To: Suzie Williams
From: Anon.

Suzie always has time for my questions, often saying “Let me come by and I’ll show you”.  She is very knowledgeable and because of that, I will ask her questions that aren’t completely in her job area.  But she typically replies that she will ‘ask around’ and find out.  And I will get an answer within a day or two.

Knowing I have this type of resource available has greatly reduced the stress level on my end.  I now know that while I may not have the answer to my questions, I know someone who does, or will at least point me in the proper direction.

To: Tobias Wuellner
From: Andrea Cordova

Over the past couple weeks, Main Hall has been getting some exterior paint touch-ups using a lift to access the hard to reach areas. On the occasions the lift has been positioned outside my window, I had the pleasure to observe facilities staff member Tobias Wuellner work with a student employee who has been helping him with the painting project. It was very clear that he was providing direction not only about what and how to paint, but also doing so with great mentorship and patience. How we engage our student employees has far-reaching impact. I can only imagine how supported this student must feel, and will hopefully persist at UCCS to graduation. Well done, Tobias!

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