CU Data Center Move planned for early October

In collaboration with partners from all four campuses, University Information Services (UIS) will be moving CU enterprise servers to the new CU Anschutz data center beginning at noon on Friday, October 6, through 8 a.m. on Monday, October 9.

UIS has said that the process includes moving and setting up more than 11 tons of equipment, and enterprise applications managed by UIS will be unavailable during the three-day implementation window. Additional background about the move is available on the UIS blog

Many commonly used systems will remain live, such as Microsoft email, Teams and OneDrive, the campus network/VPN, Canvas, and any e-book integrations.

Unavailable applications will include:

This data center relocation is necessary for the long-term health of CU’s IT systems. Even in the age of cloud computing, a data center provides the infrastructure required to run applications and manage and store data.  

The state-of-art data center is located on the second floor of the Anschutz Health Sciences Building that opened early last year. UIS is moving equipment from the current data center to this new, modern facility because of the support systems and infrastructure in place to increase current capabilities and allow for growth.

There will be various impacts during the UIS data center move as UIS systems will need to be powered down for the physical move. Although some applications will be available to access, the ability to upload new data sets and other daily operational work will be limited. 

The UIS project was announced earlier this year following review and input from CU’s legal team and the CU IT Governance Committee and approved by CU President Todd Saliman and all four campus Chancellors. Multiple teams from OIT, Information Security and IT Compliance (ISIC), and Communications have been working closely with UIS and IT partners across all campuses to determine the systems and services that will be impacted.