Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry holds student research symposium

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry held its 2023 Department Research Symposium Summer on Aug. 4.

The symposium gives presenters the opportunity to share research highlights. Most of the presenters were undergraduates students showcasing their summer projects, which were a variety of educational and laboratory research in chemistry and biochemistry. Each speaker gave a brief summary of their accomplishments and work from their summer term to an audience of fellow students and faculty from the department.

“Undergraduate research is known to be a high impact practice and is designed to launch lifelong learners and researchers for in-depth exploration in their field of interest and expertise,” said Allen Schoffstall, professor in the Chemistry and Biochemistry department.

The research presentations topics included:

  • Understanding the Molecular Interactions of a Lupus Therapeutic
  • Reduction of 3,5-disubstituted isoxazoles
  • Stepwise building block Os(II) complexes for potential use in photodynamic therapy
  • Preparation and reaction of a tricyclic enaminal
  • Learning General Chemistry in-person, remote, online or hyflex: Which is best?
  • Synthesis of bis-triazole diacids and derived polymers
  • Synthesis and optimization of 3,5-disubstituted isoxazoles and transfer hydrogenation with hydrazobenzene
  • A Study of External Electric Field Effects using Gradient Path Curvatures
  • Reduction of 3,5-substituted isoxazolines
  • Determining necessary active site model for drug design utilizing TbGSK
  • Synthesis of isoxazoles and oxime derivatives
  • Tetramine Dimer In-Source Electrospray Ionization Fragmentation Analysis using Density Functional Theory

Read more about each of the presentations here.

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