Clyde’s Kudos: April 2023

Clyde’s Kudos are a Staff Association initiative celebrated each month on Communique. Nominations are also recognized through a variety of forums including the Staff Association website, the Staff Association newsletter, event shout-outs, handwritten cards and other methods of distribution.

Clyde’s Kudos: April 2023


Copy Center Team | Dean of Students Office | Event Services and Production Team | Jeff Foster, Jenna Press, Olivia McDonald, and Jacob Guilez | Matthew Beckwith, Leyna Bencomo, Lily Cosgrave, Mikayla Greenfield, Beckie Munoz, Yvonne Weeres | OIT Team made up of Greyson Napierkowski, Steve Werling, Leonardo Signorelli Stevens, and Craig Decker | Tony Rago and Team


Andy Johnston | Ann Schwab | Bella Hettich | Brian Mann | Chris Valentine and Eric Nissen  | Cody Parish | Danielle Wright |Deann Barrett |Erika Perry |Heather Marx |Jeff Foster |Jen Furda |Jenny Russell |Julie Sweum and Steve Linhart |Kim Oroszi and Beth Cecere |Laura Emmot |Lindsey Knell |Lisa Durrenberger |Mark Bacheldor |Michelle Dorne |Noelle San Souci |Pam Sawyer |Rose Johnson |Sarah Hutton (X2) | Sarah Stolz |Tungsten Alcazar |Whitley Hadley


To: Copy Center Team
From: Gabby Hensley

Thank you so much to the team for all of your hard work printing the various materials used at Commencement! You always do such a great job and we appreciate it! 

To: Dean of Students Office
From: Jevita Rogers

It is everyone in the Dean of Students office that goes above and beyond the “call of duty” to take care of UCCS students, staff and faculty.  Their work and love of UCCS is one of the things that makes UCCS a great university.  From their assistance to students to their involvement in the UCCS and Colorado Springs community. It is a smile when you pass them on the sidewalk or know the amount of endless calls and situations they handle for the betterment of our students. So, to Dr Allee, Alex, Amber, Lisa, Kristen, Mary, and Daniella…thank you for all you do and know it is GREATLY appreciated…even though happy people do not always call. Do know you make such a profound difference every day! Thank you 

To: Event Services and Production Team
From: Brad Bayer

Kudos to the UC Event Services and Production Team for providing exceptional support during the spring semester events season(AKA Busy Season)!  Room reservations, set ups, recordings, communications, and other event logistics have all been top-notch.  Thank you for helping to make each of these event experiences memorable for students, campus, and the community. 

To: Jeff Foster, Jenna Press, Olivia McDonald, and Jacob Guilez
From: Justine O’Neil, Larry Lee, and Paul Deniston

We want to send a big shout-out to Jeff Foster, Jenna Press, Olivia McDonald, and Jacob Guilez. You were integral to rolling out our TAAP communication. We appreciate your thought leadership, quick turnaround times, and general awesomeness. We appreciate your support! 

To: Matthew Beckwith, Leyna Bencomo, Lily Cosgrave, Mikayla Greenfield, Beckie Munoz, Yvonne Weeres
From: Sarah Long

These folks have taken on the very large task of developing a tiered parking system for campus. While this is tedious work and there may not always be a right answer, these people have stepped up and taken on the challenge. They are working to create a better UCCS. Thank you all for going above your regular duties and creating positive change. You are really making a difference. 

To: OIT Team made up of Greyson Napierkowski, Steve Werling, Leonardo Signorelli Stevens, and Craig Decker 
From: Noelle San Souci and Brad Bayer

Huge props to the UCCS OIT Team made up of Greyson Napierkowski, Steve Werling, Leonardo Signorelli Stevens, and Craig Decker for providing their expertise and tireless efforts in managing all the behind-the-scenes technical logistics for this year’s Student Body Election ballot process. Cannot thank this group enough for getting all the details right, which contributed to a very successful election.

To: Tony Rago and team
From: Gretchen Bliss and team

Tony Rago and team help us (Cybersecurity Programs Office) so much during the Women in Cybersecurity Conference.  While UCCS was the hosting state this year, we had hundreds of shipping items come to the UCCS Cyber Buildng and Tony made sure we had everything we needed.  Tony trained our staff on the dock items and was always there to help us when we needed it.  Thank you, Tony and team, we truly appreciate all you did and all your hard work!


To: Andy Johnston
From: Jenna Press

Andy has been absolutely incredible as I’ve worked through the hiring process for an open position in my department. There have been multiple occasions where he’s dropped what he’s doing to jump on a call with me, explain the process in detail and answer all of my questions as thoroughly as possible. I so appreciate you, Andy! 

To: Ann Schwab
From: The Department of Communication

Ann Schwab – is an amazing Assistant Registrar for Curriculum Management.  She goes above and beyond her position in making sure our class schedules and the language associated with each course, are correct.  She provides information on “how to’s” and offers solutions to rectify problems and issues.  She not only is a great asset to the Registrar’s Office but is a warm and humble human being.  The Department of Communication is thankful to have her as a co-worker and as a friend.

To: Bella Hettich
From: Kimberly Guyer & Susan Taylor

Bella has been incredibly helpful with creating surveys for the student retention plan development process! Bella volunteered her expertise and has been so generous with her time. Thank you, Bella!

To: Brian Mann
From: Anon.

Brian is going above and beyond to advise a huge number of students since both other advisors in his area have left UCCS. He is a true star on campus who is always willing to help our students despite how large his caseload is right now. Thank you, Brian, for your incredible dedication to UCCS students!

To: Chris Valentine and Eric Nissen 
From: Sarah Long

I had a pretty big idea to put ads in the movie theaters across Colorado Springs for the College of Education. When I pitched this idea to Chris and Eric they were very on board and walked me through what the process would be on the marketing end. They developed a BEAUTIFUL advertisement and I am excited to share that COE will be in the movies in May! Thank you Chris and Eric, you both are the perfect example of collaboration and I am so grateful to work with you! 

To: Cody Parish
From: Brad Bayer

Cody has done a fantastic job taking on additional responsibilities this past semester with the Chancellor’s Leadership Class (CLC).  He spearheaded the successful CLC scholarship application review and selection process, working collaboratively with a variety of internal and external stakeholder groups.  Additionally, he advanced an engaging CLC Seminar series, met individually with CLC scholars on their respective goal plans, and promoted leadership development, the CLC program, and UCCS in the community.

Recently, Cody, along with a team of student employees, presented a leadership workshop on professionalism in the workplace to 600 high school students at the Colorado State DECA Competition.  The high school students were introduced to UCCS and our leadership programs through this experience, and the program was widely praised by the student participants, advisors, and event organizers.

To: Danielle Wright
From: Gabby Hensley

Commencement is almost here and so much has already been accomplished for it. Big kudos to Danielle for getting everything ready and making the ceremony so special! Thank you for all that you do!

To: Deann Barrett
From: Anon.

Deann went far above and beyond in collaboration with the LAS dean’s office team to determine a timeline for faculty merit evaluations this year. She received feedback from so many different stakeholders, all asking for different things. Throughout a highly challenging process, she remained calm and professional as she always does. What’s more, she was able to come up with a timeline and a process that addressed everyone’s concerns. Thank you, Deann, for your leadership!

To: Erika Perry
From: Lenore Brown

I’d like to recognize Erika for how she has made my first few weeks working at UCCS easier. She has volunteered to help me countless times, and has stopped by to ask what questions I have, being proactive in helping me adjust to the UCCS culture. She leads a team of Resident Assistants and it is evident how much she cares for their well-being; she encourages them to succeed and takes time to check on their mental health.
Starting a new position can be overwhelming, but Erika and the rest of my Residence Life coworkers have helped make the transition easy and have already made me feel like part of the community.

To: Heather Marx
From: Brad Bayer

Heather is to be commended for her outstanding work in supporting the Ron Wisner Human Spirit and Leadership Award process.  Heather’s stellar organizational skills, marketing/promotion expertise, and positive interactions with each of the nominees add so much to the overall impact this special award brings to the campus each year.  Heather’s contributions helped yield the highest number of nominations for the Ron Wisner Human Spirit Award in its thirteen-year history!

To: Jeff Foster
From: Jen Furda

Because he gives a damn about UCCS and our brand.  He helps with getting the RIGHT UCCS logo to people in the community when needed…AND when we had an idea for the Olympians & Paralympians Among Us sculpture to have a “coming soon” flyer…Jeff helped create, design and print.  He always strives to get to yes!  

To: Jen Furda
From: Gabby Hensley

Thank you for coordinating such a fun and memorable Advancement adventure! Everyone had such a great time and it was nice to meet new people. Thank you again and I look forward to the next one! 

To: Jenny Russell
From: Noelle San Souci and Brad Bayer

A special shout out to Jenny Russell, Director of Institutional Research, for her support in preparing the eligible student voter list for this spring’s Student Body Elections. She hit the ground running within her first weeks on campus and a pressing timeline to produce the list, which is a critical component in the election process.

To: Julie Sweum and Steve Linhart
From: Greg Maruzzella

Julie and Steve work as standardized patients in Johnson Beth El’s Clinical Simulation Learning Center. These two actors had a long day of playing complex patient for students in our nurse practitioner program. While prepping for their workday, the group noticed a lost and injured dog curled up outside University Hall. Steve and Julie worked to gain the dogs trust, eventually getting close enough find its tags and notify its owner. They kept the dog safe until it could be picked up; we learned the pup had been missing for 4 days! They seamlessly integrated this good deed into their workday; neither simulated patient missed a beat while working with their students. 

To: Kim Oroszi and Beth Cecere
From: Shannon Rogers

If you would like to know how Ent Center for the Arts runs – it’s because of these two and their awesome staff.  Did you know that Ent is hosting 90 events in 45ish days?  Beth and Kim are integral to making Ent a success. They put in more hours in a week than most of us do in 2 weeks! You two are the absolute BEST! 

To: Laura Emmot
From: Lynn Vidler

I want to thank Laura for her consummate professionalism, diligence and resilience in her leadership of the Office of Institutional Equity. Through all the staffing challenges that her office has faced, Laura has been responsive, empathetic and courageous in the face of an increased number of reports this year. 

To: Lindsey Knell
From: Cathy Simmons

Lindsey Knell goes above and beyond in all aspects of her job. For over 6 months, she picked up additional work to cover for an open position in the College of Public Service (CPS).  Among her many additional duties were to manage book orders, course scheduling, and the administrative tasks for a department that she is not assigned to.  Without complaint, she carried the additional burden and endured all  CPS needs were taken care of.  Although the behind the scenes work is not often recognized, academic departments cannot persist without these tasks being accomplished.  Thank you to Lindsey Knell for taking care of so many additional duties and making sure that everything runs smoothly.

To: Lisa Durrenberger
From: Ikenna ozor

For the past year I’ve been under her supervision as a Graduate Teaching Assistant and she has supported me in every way imaginable in this role. She provided me a safe space for me to not only make mistakes and learn from them but also has shown me how an organized instructor should carry themselves around students. One day, I will become a professor and when I look back, I know that her guidance will be a huge reason for me starting on that path.

To: Mark Bacheldor
From: Jenna Malone

They really care about my well-being and happiness as an employee. They understand the phrase work life balance and are always around for when I need help. They make me feel like a vital part of the program and that my ideas and work is truly valued. 

To: Michelle Dorne
From: Sarah Hutton

I just want to give my current Anthro chair, Michelle Dorne, and a huge shout-out as she’s been an incredible and strong leader to our team. She is constantly helping bring concrete solutions to the ongoing plethora of problems, her quick responses with precise answers help me be successful in my job. (More than you know!) She repeatedly is asking me “how can I help” or “I’m here if you need anything” which solidifies her open-door policy for being approachable, and therefore ultimately building trust easily. From one moment of interaction with Michelle, you can tell she loves her job and her kindness glows from her constantly! She consistently shows excellent support to her department faculty AND students, yet still carrying a genuine smile on her face at the end of the day. Furthermore, she is always willing to jump in and get knee-deep with whatever situation is going on to bring resolution asap, LOVE that trait about her and wish more leaders in the world did that. 😊 She is an outstanding chair and has a brilliant mind. Please recognize her!

To: Noelle San Souci
From: Brad Bayer

Noelle San Souci, Associate Director of Student Engagement, and the Student Government Association (SGA) Advisor, is to be applauded for her incredible work in supporting the SGA with the 2023 Student Body Elections!  Noelle’s knowledge, leadership, dedication, and guidance played a key role in a successful election, which saw a 22% increase in student voter turnout this year.  

To: Pam Sawyer
From: Regina Winters

Pam spearheaded a successful College of Public Service Career Fair. She nudged faculty to open their ‘virtual Rolodexes” and enticed over 40 regional employers to come to campus and connect students to job opportunities, career paths, and alumni. The event was well-run, informative, and well-attended. She was not just key to logistics for this event; she was the event champion!

To: Rose Johnson
From: Anon.

Rose is an outstanding member of the English Department who helps the department run smoothly. She goes out of her way to build relationships with people in the department and to keep morale up. Thank you, Rose, for all the ways you make UCCS and our department a better place!

To: Sarah Hutton
From: Michelle Escasa-Dorne

Sarah is an inspiration. Her positive attitude, hard work, and dedication to learning are deeply appreciated. Faculty are always talking about what a positive influence you have had on our department. We are so grateful that you are part of our team!

To: Sarah Hutton
From: Dr. Edgar Cota-Torres

Sarah is truly an exceptional colleague in the Department of Languages and Cultures. She goes beyond her duties as Program Assistant. We are very fortunate to have her in our team!!! 

To: Sarah Stolz
From: Ellen Burkart

Sarah always goes above and beyond to not only support the Academic Advising team, but other teams as well. From jumping in to helping to test the new Salesforce Student Success Network and becoming a “trainer” to pitching in last minute to assist with outreach to help remind students of their fall registration appointments as an enrollment/retention/persistence effort. Each and every day, Sarah does what is best for students and I appreciate all that she does to partner with our department to support the efforts and initiatives to encourage student success.

To: Tungsten Alcazar
From: Gabby Hensley

Thank you Tungsten for all your hard work translating the master list into manageable content that is easy to add to the program. I still don’t know how you do it as I went cross-eyed just looking at it. THANK YOU!!

To: Whitley Hadley
From: Abby Newell

HUGE thanks to Whitley for being such a big help on a recent project and going out of her way to help me gather information and connect with resources!

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