UCCS launches equitable access textbook program

UCCS will be launching TAAP: The UCCS Textbook Affordability and Access Program in the fall 2023 semester. This new initiative aims to reduce the cost of course materials while increasing accessibility and convenience for the entire student community.

TAAP, which includes all students, is a $22 flat charge per credit hour placed on student accounts and provides all required course materials regardless of major.

“I’m proud that we are continuing our commitment to make a college education more affordable and accessible for our students,” said UCCS Chancellor Venkat Reddy. “Reducing the out-of-pocket cost of books by over 30% will help ensure all of our students have access to the materials they need to succeed.”

All students are automatically enrolled in TAAP with the option to “TAAP out.”  Physical textbooks and materials are based on enrolled classes and will be available for pick up at the UCCS Bookstore or delivered as requested, while digital course materials are accessed through Canvas. Materials will be available on or before the first day of class without having to place individual orders.

The program will provide recommendations to “TAAP out” if the individual course materials are less than the total TAAP cost. Students can “TAAP out” through the website before census.

The university is partnering with online bookstore technology company Akademos to help launch TAAP. Leveraging the online bookstore technology, the UCCS TAAP program provides an innovative, personalized and affordable course material experience for all students.

In addition to affordability and convenience, participating students start class on an equal playing field, engaging in content early and often. Adding to the learning outcomes and classroom success, UCCS faculty choice is preserved, ensuring academic freedom. Additionally, the adoption process will be more efficient through the improved software with transparency into pricing and an enhanced OER library, and the teaching process simplified with access to student engagement insights at the beginning of the semester.

“Experience has taught us that the right technology and resources drive success and readiness for every student from day one,” said Christopher Boyster, EVP of Sales & Marketing at Akademos. “We are proud to partner with the University of Colorado Colorado Springs as they continue to innovate and fuel success for many generations of UCCS graduates to come.”

More information regarding the UCCS Textbook Affordability and Access Program can be found at uccs.edu/TAAP.

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Founded in 1999, helping students succeed has always been the guiding mission that drives Akademos. Pioneering the use of technology to support student success and retention, the company offers student choice, inclusive access, and equitable access course material programs, syllabus management software, and data insights software. Learn more at akademos.com.