UCCS introducing weeklong break in the fall semester

Starting in the fall 2023 semester, UCCS will have no classes on Monday and Tuesday of Thanksgiving week to serve as a fall break.

“Our new fall break before the Thanksgiving holiday will give our students time to travel home and be with friends and family for an even longer period of time; they should return to campus refreshed and ready to finish the semester in a successful manner,” said Nancy Marchand-Martella, Provost.

To compensate for this change, UCCS will hold classes on the Tuesday after Labor Day, which currently has no class meetings.

As a result, both semesters will have a full week without classes (Thanksgiving week in fall, Spring Break in spring), and both semesters will have a Monday with no class (Labor Day in Fall; Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in Spring).

This change allows UCCS to align with other CU campuses and local school districts in Thanksgiving week and align classes in fall and spring semesters. The spring semester class calendar will not change.