UCCS to host Nobel Prize Winner

The College of Public Service is hosting a Conversation with Dmitry Muratov on Monday, February 27 at 6 p.m. in the Ent Center for the Arts. 

Muratov is editor in chief of the independent Novaya Gazeta, which has ceased publication due to censorship over the conflict in Ukraine. Muratov received the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize for “efforts to safeguard freedom of expression, which is a precondition for democracy and lasting peace.” In 2022, the award was auctioned off in an effort to bring attention to the Ukrainian refugee crisis. It sold for over $100 million, with proceeds going to the UNICEF child refugee fund. 

“UCCS and the Colorado Springs community have the privilege to hear from a true champion of democracy,” said Edin Mujkic, Associate Professor in the College of Public Service. “Mr. Dmitry Muratov is the most significant voice in the fight for freedom of speech and universal human rights today. Mr. Muratov still lives in Russia and will offer a unique perspective on its internal affairs, what to expect in the future, whether is there a possible leadership change as well how would that look like.”

This event is open to the public, although registration is required. This event is free for the UCCS community.

“Colorado Springs has a unique role in the defense of the United States and our allies. The Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022 completely changed the world, although many do not see that in their everyday routine,” Mujkic said. “Our community is already affected by it, considering the number of military personnel that live here. Without a stable and peaceful Russia, the world will not be stable and peaceful. Russia is too important and, regardless of its rudimentary economy, has an oversized role in international affairs. Mr. Muratov is the most significant independent public figure in Russia that is able to get out freely, and it is a true honor to host him here at UCCS.”

Please contact Edin Mujkic for additional information.