Clyde’s Kudos: January 2023

Clyde’s Kudos are a Staff Association initiative celebrated each month on Communique. Nominations are also recognized through a variety of forums including the Staff Association website, the Staff Association newsletter, event shout-outs, handwritten cards and other methods of distribution.

Clyde’s Kudos: January 2023


Clyde’s Closet | COE HR/Finance team | Kirsta Duffy, Katie Parker, Leif Larsen, Dan Lemack, and Harper Johnson | Margie Oldham and Lily Cosgrave | Office of the Dean of Students


Ali Langfel | Cassie Eacker | Chad Garland | Charlie Kuehler | Christina Montoya | Clyde (you know who you are!) | Dean Lynn Vidler | Deann Barrett | Erika Perry | Jenna Press | Jessica Woods | Kayla Warrens | Leyna Bencomo | Matt Balk | Mitchel (UCCS Help Desk) | Nancy Deater | Nancy Taylor | Nate Siebert | Nic Waggoner | Renee Cinkosky | Rosey Reidl Smith | Sarah Hutton | Sarah Long (X2) | Shari Huscher | Stephani Hosain | Whitney Porter | Willow Meyers (X2)


To: Clyde’s Closet 
From: Colleen Stiles and the Bachelor of Innovation team 

Shout out to Clyde’s Closet – we can donate good professional clothes and provide a needed suit for a student interviewing for that first big job! I am impressed with the speed of organization and ability to serve students. If you have clothes good for students, or too good for general donations, drop them off at the T. Rowe Price Career and Innovation Center. 

To: COE HR/Finance team
From: Anon.

Lori Unruh, Tomoko Weggener, & Alexa Salstrand have been doing an amazing job this year with HR, grants, financial administration, student hourly and more.  COE is lucky to have them!  Thanks for all of your help to achieve the college’s goals! 

To: Kirsta Duffy, Katie Parker, Leif Larsen, Dan Lemack, and Harper Johnson
From: Anon.

Thank you to the OIT team for a fantastic presentation on the transition to the new identity management system! It’s not easy to do all the behind the scenes work to keep our campus systems running and then also educate hundreds of people on these changes. I appreciate that you all took the time to explain changes and answer everyone’s questions in the presentation.

To: Margie Oldham and Lily Cosgrave
From: Erin Klein

Margie and Lily have been an immense support to me in my first year at UCCS. They welcome all my questions and are always offering to help me out. I truly couldn’t do my job without these two. Thank you for being such fantastic and reliable colleagues.

To: Office of the Dean of Students
From: Anon.

The Dean of Students Office has gone above and beyond this Fall by piloting a new outreach program that has students who are requesting a full withdraw go through DOS first. This new program resulted in dozens of students staying at UCCS who may not have otherwise and countless additional students getting connected to financial aid, mental health, and other resources they needed. Thank you to your team for all the ways you care for and support students!


To: Ali Langfel
From: Shari Huscher

Ali went part time in March 2022 when I was hired to replace most of her duties. Shortly after I was hired, I was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer and ended up being out often for doctors appointments, hospitalizations, and eventually, surgery. Ali stepped up and took over many of my duties to try and alleviate some of my stress so that I could focus on my battle and recovery. While I can never repay her, I would love to share her kindness with others. She barely knew me when she decided to put more on her plate, so that she could lessen my load. She absolutely deserves the kudos!

To: Cassie Eacker
From: Christine Robinson Coon

As Course Reserves Manager at Kraemer Family Library, Cassie Eacker helps me provide access to sources for my students. This semester, she went out of her way. Before the semester began, I approached Cassie with an “out of the box” idea and even though I could tell she was concerned about the degree of additional work it would require, she simply told me she’d speak with her supervisor and get back with me as soon as possible because she understood my time constraints. And she did! Cassie and her colleagues agreed to do the extra work and I couldn’t be more grateful to her. If only she could have seen some of the looks on my students’ faces when they heard they’d have free access to one of their required textbooks–surprise, relief, delight, and gratitude. Many thanks for Cassie’s understanding, dedication, and professionalism.

To: Chad Garland
From: Brad Bayer

Congratulations to Chad Garland, Sr. Director of the University Center, who recently
received the prestigious Student Affairs Educator Certification (CSAEd) with a specialization in College Unions (CSAEd-CU)!  Student Affairs Educator Certification is granted and maintained by the Higher
Education Consortium for Student Affairs Certification (Consortium; Certification
Consortium).  The certification will enhance Chad’s dedication to advancing a student-centered college union here at UCCS.  We are proud of Chad and this significant accomplishment!

To: Charlie Kuehler
From: Anon.

For making onboarding as smooth as possible, for knowing just about everything or knowing who to talk to, for always making sure to check in on everyone and say hello and making sure new staff and existing staff feel welcomed and remembered, and for keeping us all on track! 

To: Christina Montoya
From: Anon.

A giant KUDOS to Christina Montoya in the bursar’s office.  Christina was so kind and patient with one of my GPS students who was losing sleep over her UCCS Bill.  Christina jumped on a Teams Call with the student and set her mind to rest.  So much so, the student was crying after the call about how nice and kind Christina was to her.  Way to keep to the mission of UCCS Christina. 

To: Clyde (you know who you are!) 
From: Colleen Stiles, Bachelor of Innovation 

The Bachelor of Innovation sends a shout-out to CLYDE, the Mountain Lion! You know who you are! Thank you for showing up at our events, for coming to our parties, and for being so photogenic. Clyde, you are great with kids, always willing to have a photo taken, great at graduation, and just great all the way around! 

To: Dean Lynn Vidler
From: Anon.

Dean Vidler has shown they care about their people. Faculty, staff and others on campus. They continue to grow their faculty and staff, investing in them when they can, celebrating their accomplishments and growth. Dean Vidler is, by far, the best mentor and boss I have ever had. I appreciate their integrity, hard work, care and concern for their people and their well-thought-out decisions and actions. I consider it an honor to work for Dean Vidler and LAS!

To: Deann Barrett
From: Ann Amicucci

Deann has gone far above and beyond for the English Department in January. She has processed personnel changes, assisted with remote work requests, and is overseeing the process for 20 IRC faculty in our department to go up for promotion. Deann is always willing to help and explain procedures and policies, and she takes the time to help each department that needs it even though she is managing HR items for a huge college. Thank you, Deann, for everything that you do!

To: Erika Perry
From: Anon.

For advocating on behalf of minoritized students!  

To: Jenna Press
From: Ann Amicucci

Jenna handled the press release for an award for our program, which included communicating with a liaison from our national organization and writing a press release for the Communique. We are so lucky to have Jenna on the UCCS team. Thank you for making the work of communications transparent and accessible for everyone on campus!

To: Jessica Woods
From: Anon.

As our only remote Academic Advisor, Jessica has become our office sentinel from afar. The Academic Advising Office operates much of its daily communication via Microsoft Teams, and Jessica goes above and beyond the scope of her job by keeping a keen eye on any needs expressed by advisors and the Advising front desk on MS Teams. During advisor on-call shifts, Jessica will take notice if an advisor is backed up and will jump in to call a student to ensure they receive timely assistance with potentially time sensitive needs. Jessica also monitors any questions posed by fellow advisors and is commonly the first to answer. It is a comfort to know she has the back of the whole advising team. She helps everything run like a well-oiled machine that ultimately benefits the timeliness and quality of student care. 

To: Kayla Warrens
From: Nathan Bullock

Kayla started at UCCS in July of last year, but quickly made herself indispensible.  She’s always positive and excited to help.  She keeps track of birthdays and makes sure we get cards and such to team members with one.  She cares about students and ensuring they get timely and accurate information.  And does all that while being a wizard at Halloween and Christmas decorations, and raising a toddler!

To: Leyna Bencomo
From: Colleen Stiles, Bachelor of Innovation Faculty

Leyna took time out of her pre-semester rush to explain to me fully the services available for students that are deaf or hard of hearing. Her explanation of the technology was so helpful. Thanks Leyna for teaching me something new!

To: Matt Balk
From: Ann Amicucci

Kudos to Matt Balk for starting the new Excel Centers newsletter, Excellence! It’s great to see updates of what all the centers are doing in one place and to have this way to celebrate the excellent work of the Excel Center teams.

To: Mitchel (UCCS Help Desk)
From: Beth Graham 

I was in the middle of an important video project and suddenly out of space on my drive. I was a little panicked about finding a solution, quickly. He was patient and understanding. He answered all my questions, and probably multiple times. During the proces UPS arrived and he was, again, patient with the situation. I really appreciate his time and calm demeanor. It made all the difference in an already personally rough week with technology. Thank you so much, Mitchel! 

To: Nancy Deater
From: Beth Gewirtz

She always helps me out, answers my questions, teaches me and is one of the nicest people here at UCCS.  She never hesitates to stop what shes doing and help me learn.  She also looks out for our student workers like another mom.  

To: Nancy Taylor
From: Lisa Stone

Nancy went above and beyond to support a student supervision group in getting access to materials. She made arrangements on her day off to ensure students would still have access to materials and had such a positive and warm attitude in doing so. Thank you, Nancy!!

To: Nate Siebert
From: Anon.

For advocating on behalf of minoritized students! 

To: Nic Waggoner
From: Colleen Stiles, Bachelor of Innovation 

Nic is a PhD student in Computer Science and a graduate of the Bachelor of Innovation Degree. He volunteers to help students in the Bachelor of Innovation with websites, writing, etc. He volunteers every Monday from 2 – 4 without getting paid to help students. We are so appreciative!

To: Renee Cinkosky
From: Anon.

I would like to recognize Renee Cinkosky for always being willing to go above and beyond in answering questions, listening to students, and being an advocate for UCCS parking services.  Renee always serves with a smile.  KUDOS RENEE!!!!

To: Rosey Reidl Smith
From: Michelle Prose

Rosey is the Assistant Program Director of Graduate Programs for the College of Business. I have yet to meet a single MBA student who doesn’t know her name. She is one of the most helpful people I’ve ever interacted with throughout my MBA studies. She is so generous with her time when it comes to problem solving with students. She is also someone we can simply vent to when we feel frustrated or overwhelmed. Her kindness and efficiency does not go unnoticed or unappreciated by a single MBA student who interacts with her. 

To: Sarah Hutton
From: Michelle Escasa-Dorne & Karenleigh Overmann

Sarah took the initiative to work with Student Employment and facilitate employment after the student graduated, helping our student employee/faculty/programs by extending the time the student could be employed.

To: Sarah Long
From: Minette Church

Sarah has undertaken the role of Staff Assembly President for the second year in a row, upon this year’s elected president effectively resigning that roll in October! She has been a strong advocate for staff across campus, and a wonderful collaborator with Faculty Assembly leadership over the last two years. She has also successfully recruited and revitalized leadership for Staff Assembly this year and going forward. Thank you, Sarah!!

To: Sarah Long
From: David Moon

Sarah has gone way above and beyond in her roles in Staff Association leadership.  During my year as president of faculty assembly (and the first year she served) we were a team that I believe each amplified the needs of UCCS faculty and staff.  Sarah’s investment of time, intensity of commitment, and effectiveness was clearly evident in our discussions.  I can also attest to the fact that her direct efforts, based on her literal polling of staff opinion, led to a number of benefits large and small that would not have happened without her advocacy.  Minette Church has also nominated Sarah based on her stepping up to continue her leadership role when the person who was scheduled to lead had to step down.  That, in and of itself, is worthy of this nomination.  Minette has also spoken to Sarah’s contributions this year that I am less familiar with as past president.

To: Shari Huscher
From: Colleen Stiles and the entire Bachelor of Innovation team

Shari works in the Computer Science department. Thanks to Shari’s attention to detail, we can always count on her to be quick with students, answer questions, and take care of permission numbers. It takes patience and we appreciate you!

To: Stephani Hosain
From: Cathy Simmons

The Dept. of Social Work is experiencing a manpower shortage, which resulted in the delay of several essential student support functions.  Stephanie Hosain, who is assigned to Criminal Justice and Public Administration, joyfully stepped up to help.  She worked over several weekends and after hours to help the MSW program complete multiple end of semester and graduation associated tasks.  Students were supported, graduation paperwork was completed on time, and all of the tasks required at the end of the semester were accomplished.  Thank you to Stephani for going above and beyond!

To: Whitney Porter
From: Anon.

Whitney is one of the most positive colleagues I have worked with at UCCS. She persists through an exceptional workload, yet never fails to take extra time to be supportive to others who may need a helping hand. She is a glass-half-full person and is always eager to learn, share her learning, and to support her team. 

To: Willow Meyers
From: Anon.

Willow provides a level of support and direction that allows UCCS to hire productive new employees as well as take care of those already contributing to campus. Whenever we get the opportunity to work with Willow, she quickly reminders us of what it looks like to be a great teammate and what a positive impact putting accuracy first can have. 

To: Willow Meyers
From: Benek Altayli

I worked with Willow closely for filling two positions recently. I know how hard everyone on our HR team works and how swamped they always are. Despite the many other projects on her plate, Willow was extremely responsive, knowledgeable, and supportive throughout the process. Without her help, I have a suspicion we would still be working on these positions! I am so impressed by her and so appreciative of her hard work.

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