2023 Grain School: The Year of the Millets

Grass seed grains, or millets. Source: Pixabay

2023 has been declared by the UN to be the Year of the Millets. In sync with that declaration, UCCS 2023 Grain School is celebrating the Year of the Millets.

What is a Millet?

No, it’s not that business in the front, and party in the back 1980s hair style. Millets are various types of grass seed grains.

In an evidence-based article on millet nutrition by Healthline, millets are noted to be gluten-free and boast high protein, fiber, and antioxidant contents.

According to FoodPrint.org, “Millet is a versatile grain and a nutritious substitution for rice or quinoa. It can be cooked into porridge, served like polenta, or turned into gluten-free pancakes. And in India, millet flour is a key ingredient in many traditional flatbreads.”

What is UCCS Grain School?

From the lenses of crop science, nutrition and community, Grain School sifts through ancient grain pathways from grain handling and processing, including milling and malting, to delicious applications including pizza, pasta and protein bowls. While learning online, these kernels of knowledge encourage hands-on practice by all who participate from local kitchens, bakeries and homes. 

To celebrate the UN Year of the Millets, instructors will integrate millets in all three courses from farming and processing to nutrition, health and culinary uses.

UCCS Grain School partners nationally and internationally to bring exciting content to UCCS’ Grain School 2023 on these ancient yet vital crops of the future. 

  • Course content is available for 12 months
  • The course features Thursday live speakers on Zoom, panels, discussions, and Q&A
  • Scholarships for Colorado farmers and grain-focused businesses are available

Course details can also be found at www.coloradograinchain.com/events. To pre-register now, visit https://forms.gle/v8dmWrkLRNH5W9pQ9.

About UCCS Grain School

Since 2016, Grain School at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) has brought a community together ranging from grain growers, millers, maltsters, brewers, chefs, educators, scientists and students to share and complement knowledge and skills and build business relations in relevant topics. These topics have included whole and heritage grains and their relationship to health, nutrition, dietary fiber, and the microbiome, environment and climate change issues related to agriculture, and topics of biodiversity, grain’s role in sustainable farming practices, and the newest in crop science to leverage the traits of old varieties of grain for nutrition and flavor in more modern strains.

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