Office of Information Technology to implement new identity management system

UCCS is implementing a new identity management system beginning on Feb. 6, 2023. This new technology, Oracle Identity Management (OIM), will improve UCCS’ ability to manage end-to-end user identities across multiple systems, while also providing increased security and automation of manual processes.

This new system handles the faculty/staff/student account provisioning and integration of those accounts into system and software that the campus uses. As many of the upcoming changes mostly pertain to new users, the Office of Information Technology (OIT) has chosen mid-semester to update to avoid busier enrollment periods. The provisioning of new user accounts may experience a delay in the creation of their accounts during this switchover. OIT will update campus once this process is complete.

“In alignment with the UCCS Strategic Plan, OIT strives to continually improve both our technology and processes,” said Krista Duffy, OIT Director of Applications. “Improving the standards, security and reliability of our identity management process has been a critical focus area and we are excited to be taking this important step forward.”

OIT will implement the new system with the help of CU Denver. Since identity management is such an integral function within all CU campus OIT systems, OIT will be using a phased cutover approach to ensure minimal impacts to users. OIT will be communicating with key system stakeholders as critical cutover tasks are completed. OIT will also be performing testing to validate the changes occurred successfully.

“The easiest way to explain this project might be for you to imagine moving out of an older house and into a modern house,” said Katie Parker, OIT Project Manager. “All of your stuff that was in the moving truck is now in your new home. It will still take some time for you to settle into your new home: lights will still need to be plugged into new outlets, you may reorganize your dishes in a new way, or you may toss out some old clothes that you realize you never wore. Some of your things may break during the move, but in time, your home will be better than the old one and will be up to code and more secure.”

“Our teams have done our best job to build your new ‘data house,’ but we will need your patience as we turn this house into a home that will last for years to come,” Parker added.

While there are not anticipated widespread outages as a result of this change, OIT encourages campus users to report any concerns or issues they have to the OIT Service Desk. Reports can be made to OIT Service Desk at [email protected] or 719-255-4357.

Due to the importance of this update, no other IT system changes will take place between Feb. 6 and Feb. 23 to ensure any potential issues will be addressed.