Kraemer Family Library makes Overleaf available to the campus

Kraemer Family Library is excited to announce that the professional version of Overleaf, a collaborative online LaTeX editor, is now available for all faculty, students and staff at UCCS.

LaTeX is a document typesetting language that has been used for decades and is the industry standard for technical documents in mathematics, computer science and engineering. Historically, its signature feature is its mathematics typesetting capability, but it also has advanced bibliography management, document organization and graphics tools.

It also has user-contributed packages that can do things like make Gantt charts or generate plots. Once users overcome the initial learning curve, LaTeX is more powerful when writing math and scientific papers than traditional word processors such as Word.

While faculty and students have had a free version of this product available, the professional version allows for such things as real-time collaboration with an unlimited number of authorized users in your browser on a single version of a project; full history view of your documents; integrated streamlined publishing; and two-way sync with Dropbox and GitHub.

Access to the professional version of this resource has been on the library’s wish list for several years.

“LaTeX is an incredibly important tool for the research enterprises of UCCS, and we are excited to be able to contribute further to this mission,” said Seth Porter, Dean of the Kraemer Family Library.

Other faculty and staff are also looking forward to leveraging Overleaf.

“It is exciting to see UCCS invest in Overleaf, which is a powerful tool that I have used for many years,” said Brandon Runnels from the College of Engineering. “Overleaf combines all the functionality of LaTeX with the collaborative editing features of cloud document editors like Google Docs. It also makes it possible to host UCCS-specific templates for documents like theses and dissertations.“

The library’s subscription to the professional version of Overleaf makes it the first library in Colorado to offer this unique resource to its university community.

About the Kraemer Family Library at UCCS

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