OIT launches Microsoft Teams Softphones beginning Nov. 8

UCCS departments are invited to Microsoft Teams softphones training sessions by Feb. 1, 2022. Photo credit: NextPointe

If you have heard the rumors about softphone technology coming to campus, we are here to tell you – it’s true! After months of testing, feedback, and research, OIT is excited to announce that Microsoft Teams Softphones are coming starting November 8, 2021.

Below, you will find a general overview of softphones, the rollout, and what to expect. Answers to many of your questions may also be found through our Softphone FAQs.

What is a softphone?

A softphone is a software program that allows for making telephone calls using a computer, cell phone, iPad, etc. rather than a dedicated physical phone. Softphones will take place within the Microsoft Teams environment. Users will be able to use their Teams application to make calls, configure their speed dials, check their voicemails and answer their extension, wherever they are, using Teams.

The Rollout

Migration will be per department and take place from Nov. 8, 2021 through March 31, 2022.

OIT is requesting to attend an all-staff meeting for each department and using 10-15 minutes to review how to use softphones and answer any questions at that time. Departments have an opportunity to sign up for their migration date by selecting a date here

During this time, the department will be migrated over from physical to softphone capabilities. Departments that have not signed up for migration date by Feb. 1, 2022, will automatically be assigned a forced migration date and still be required to attend a training.

What to Expect

  • Your extension will stay the same, not only during the migration, but should you transfer departments too. Please see important information in FAQ 14.
  • All phone lines will be $30 a month plus long-distance. There will no longer be the option for voicemail only boxes.
  • Cisco (physical) phones will still be required until April of 2022 when the cutover will be complete. At that time, we will release a plan for disposing of all physical Cisco phones.
  • At this time, headsets and (Teams) physical phones are not available. Once inventory has been received, users will be able to request certain hardware by submitting a ticket. The FAQs will be updated as more information about inventory is received.
  • Additional information can be found on the OIT softphones resource page.

As our team gears up for this important and exciting migration, we ask that all questions regarding Telecom, billing, softphones, etc. are directed to [email protected] and that individual team members are not contacted directly. This will ensure that your questions are addressed in a timely manner, as the team will be focusing their priority on moving departments to softphones by March 31, 2022.