UCCSlead: Building a new generation of leaders

On Saturday, Aug. 28, UCCSlead hosted their first Game Changer event of the academic year. Over 100 students attended the event to learn more about the principles, traits and characteristics of a leader and put them into practice by participating in a variety of exercises.

“At UCCSlead, we like to promote the concept that leadership is an individual journey, as leadership can be defined in a number of different ways,” said Emily Aragon, a senior in the Johnson Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences. “It is not necessarily only the person standing on stage or in a C-level position, but rather, can be done in our regular, day-to-day lives.”

Through the Game Changer events, students learn to lead themselves, organizations, and communities with specialized training and hands-on exercises.

“I believe UCCSlead Game Changers offer students an incredible opportunity to learn leadership fundamentals in a fun, interactive session,” said Cody Parish, UCCSlead and CLC programs coordinator.

“Students are able to critically discuss leadership concepts, connect with their peers through group activities, and leave empowered to develop and practice their own leadership during their time at UCCS. Oh, and they learn to juggle! What a catch, right?”

After completing the program, which consists of attending one module, students will receive a graduation cord, a leadership certificate, and access to several campus engagement opportunities.

Undergrad, graduate and transfer students are encouraged to attend any of the upcoming events on Saturday, Sep. 18th, Friday, Oct. 1st, and Friday, Nov. 12th. More details including how to sign up can be found on Mountain Lion Connect.

Person talking to audience
Photo taken by Cody Parish.
Person standing in front of large screen talking to an audience
Photo taken by Cody Parish.
People sitting at a table listening to someone speak
Photo taken by Cody Parish.
Person standing in front of audience speaking about leadership
Photo taken by Cody Parish.