Nearly 900 utilize loaned Chromebooks as program expands to all

More than 875 students benefited from a brand new program at UCCS which provided Chromebooks to first-year students, supplying those students with a device to fuel their in-class and remote learning.

Pointing to the success of the program, officials say they will expand the program from focusing on first-year and entering transfer students. Starting in the fall 2021 semester, all full-time students will be eligible to claim a Chromebook for the duration of their UCCS academic career.

“We saw great success with our Chromebook program in its first year, and we made a statement about our commitment to access for students,” said Harper Johnson, assistant vice chancellor for information technology and chief information officer. “In the face of a difficult year, our students had access to a tool that allowed them to continue their studies and research while staying connected through remote environments. We think this will continue to be a tool for not just first-year UCCS students, but the entire student population.”

While students aren’t mandated to pick up a Chromebook, the device is integrated Microsoft Office 365 and meshes with applications that allow students to access remote computers on campus that normally are only available via in-person computer labs.

Following the end of the academic year, many who utilized the program participated in a survey to provide feedback.

“I think this was an amazing program, I wish that I didn’t purchase a laptop before it became available,” one student said.

“I am glad the university did this and gave other students an opportunity,” another student said. “Without it, they may have really struggled this semester.”

Some who weren’t able to take advantage of the program signaled they would now that it is opening up to all students.

“I did not have a computer freshman year due to money,” the student said. “If this was a program that was available for me when I needed it most, I would have been so grateful.”

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