Clyde’s Kudos: May 2021

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Clyde’s Kudos: May 2021

Featured this month:


Academic Advisors | Andrea Cordova & Picture on the Plaza Team | Bradley Plesz & Team | Cabinet | EDI Office & Committee | EDI Task Force | Orientation Welcome Leaders | Picture on the Plaza Photographers | Picture on the Plaza Planning Team | Picture on the Plaza Volunteers | Picture on the Plaza Walk of Applause Participants | Office of Sustainability | UCCS Budget & Planning Office | UCCS Outdoor Services


Alex Baker | Allison Noel | Amandine Habben | Angie Kinnett, Jeff Dempsey & Garrett Kuecker | Ben Davies | Bradley Plesz | Bradley Plesz & Jason Taylor | Brandon Poulliot | Brian Mann | Brie Escobedo | Cindy Rhoads | Crayton Daniel | Deann Barrett | Eric Mason | Hayley Palmer | Jacob Guilez & Jina Fagerburg | Jeff Foster & Gabby Hensley | Jennifer Biga | Jina Fagerburg | Kristina Coggins | Kristina Coggins & Elizabeth Isringhausen | Lauren Shakes & Sloan Gonzales | Leonardo Signorelli Stevens | Lisa Buckman | Lisa Flicken Darrow | Liz Bunkers | Margie Oldham | Mikayla Greenfield & Casi Frazier | Paul Deniston & Arletta Session | Sarah Long | Shawn Hood | Stephanie Hanenberg, Brad Bayer, Sabrina Wienholtz & Anthony Cordova | Todd Casey, Sam Adams & Robyn Firth


To: Academic Advisors
From: Orientation Team

Thank you Advising Team for your tremendous work supporting orientation appointments. We appreciate your work prepping packets, follow-up communication with students, and growing with our new processes. Many thanks!

To: Andrea Cordova & Picture on the Plaza Team
From: Alumni Relations & Annual Giving Office

Picture on the Plaza was a wonderful addition to Commencement activities for the classes of 2020 and 2021. Thank you for allowing the Alumni Relations and Annual Giving Office to participate and welcome new alumni to the association.

To: Bradley Plesz & Team
From: Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Thank YOU for all of your help in creating a professional product live for our AAPI Teach In Series in the month of April. You set our presenters at ease and your team was fantastic guiding everyone through the live stream process. We had lots of remarks at how much people liked the production and it was seamless because of you and your team! Big shout out!

To: Cabinet
From: Anon.

The Cabinet has fielded many curve balls this year and done a great job keeping campus safe and productive. Thank you for your leadership, your ability to ask great questions, and all the extra hours you have invested into our campus this year. We are lucky to have each of you steering the ship.

To: EDI Office & Committee
From: Anon.

Thank you for all the work your team has done to host listening sessions this Spring. The EDI grant program was a major undertaking and all your hard work is much appreciated. Campus has some amazing new programs and training underway to spotlight equity and inclusion. Your time and dedication made that possible and its going to be so impactful. Thank you all, keep up the great work.

To: EDI Task Force
From: Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Kudos to Stephany Rose Spaulding, Dean Lynn Vidler, Dr. Juan-Maria Gallego, Dr. Monica Yoo, Dr. Heather Song, Dr. Connie Staley, Alex Baker, Allison “Alli” Quintana, Rose Walker, Miles Jones and Jerome Young. Thank you for your commitment through the spring semester carrying out the charges laid out by the Chancellor for guiding UCCS in our EDI efforts moving forward as a cross campus group. Your valuable time and energy on the task force is much appreciated and will make a impact as we move forward. Thank YOU!

To: Orientation Welcome Leaders
From: Orientation Team

Thank you to this amazing group of campus leaders. You have done a wonderful job hosting new students and their families to UCCS. We appreciate your welcoming spirit, patience, and eagerness to provide the best possible new student experience. We couldn’t do it without you and are grateful for your hard work!

To: Picture on the Plaza Photographers
From: Jeff Foster

Thank you to the group of staff volunteers who helped to capture photos of the Pictures on the Plaza and Walk of Applause: Anna Squires, Jina Fagerburg, Mark Belcher, Jacob Guilez, Kayla Gronseth Boyer and Samantha Krause! Your contribution was an important part of the unique and historical event, and the students and families benefited enormously from your talent and participation. Thank you!

To: Picture on the Plaza Planning Team
From: Andrea Cordova

Thank you to the event planning team for joining me on the journey to design the Picture on the Plaza event for our graduates: Kristina Coggins, Elizabeth Isringhausen, Mark Belcher, Bradley, Plesz, Todd Casey, Sam Adams, Robyn Firth, Brett Fugate, Clay Garner, Martin Toetz, Jim Spice, Paul Deniston, Arletta Session and Robert McGann. I am so glad I had you all to work with to create yet another Commencement event from scratch this year. I feel extremely fortunate to work at a place with such amazing individuals who are willing to collaborate across divisions and go above and beyond when asked.

To: Picture on the Plaza Volunteers
From: Andrea Cordova

Thank you for your assistance to make the May 17 Picture on the Plaza event such a great success – especially with the uncertainty of weather. A special shout out to those who ended up helping in unexpected ways over the weekend and in the early morning hours (you know who you are). The graduates who came really had a great time, which was evident by how long many lingered after the event. I feel extremely fortunate to work at a place with such amazing individuals who are willing to collaborate across divisions and go above and beyond when asked.

To: Picture on the Plaza Walk of Applause Participants
From: Andrea Cordova

Thank you to everyone who answered the call to participate in the Walk of Applause during our May 17 Picture on the Plaza event. The graduates who attended were so excited to see each other and all of you. Thank you for helping make the day so special!

To: Office of Sustainability
From: Anna Squires

Kudos to the Office of Sustainability, who have been up to so many amazing initiatives this spring. With their help, the university has been able to clean litter from our local watershed, donate life-saving items to a local nonprofit rather than throwing them in the trash, and plant 150 new trees on campus. Plus, we’ve just been named one of the four most sustainable universities in Colorado, thanks to their hard work compiling a three-year STARS report. Sustainability folks, you make us great!

To: UCCS Budget & Planning Office
From: Suzanne Scott

I want to publicly thank this awesome team of people for all of the work they have done this past year! Not only have you guys kept up with all of the changes in this environment and the numerous requests, but you’ve worked on a new budget model and a new budgeting software. I know all that you have done and continue to do for one another and for this campus and I know it hasn’t always been easy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I appreciate each and every one of you and so grateful to have you as a part of this team!

To: UCCS Outdoor Services
From: Office of the Dean of Students

Today the Office of the Dean of Students took a break and walked around campus and we were reminded time and time again how beautiful and well-kept our campus is. Great job to this team for keeping our campus beautiful.


To: Alex Baker
From: Anon.

Alex has been an amazing Staff Association President. He has been kind, attentive, adaptive and investigative on behalf of staff. Thank you so much for your service and heart for all of us on staff. Congrats to Sarah Long as she heads into service next year.

To: Allison Noel
From: Crista Hill

Allison works incredibly hard ensuring millions of dollars in V.A. payments for our military-affiliated students are processed efficiently and documented accurately. Her attention to detail and commitment to her role were integral factors in a recent VA compliance audit that resulted in zero discrepancies. For a campus with over 2,000 military-affiliated students, that is quite an accomplishment! We appreciate all of your hard work more than you know!

To: Amandine Habben
From: Student Life Team

We applaud Amandine Habben, Program Assistant in Student Life, for her commitment to excellence in all that she does. She’s a consummate professional and puts 100%+ into everything she does. Her many contributions to the Student Life team and to UCCS are so appreciated!

To: Angie Kinnett, Jeff Dempsey & Garrett Kuecker
From: Andrea Cordova

You have been the backbone of the virtual commencement ceremonies through the 14 months in which we needed to provide an alternative virtual ceremony for Spring 2020, Summer/Fall 2020, and Spring 2021 graduates. It simply would not have been possible without you – you are amazing! I am so glad their video creations will live forever as a reminder of this time.

To: Ben Davies
From: Claire Ami

Thank you for your mentorship in guiding both myself and Lindsay Coppa as we learn all things budget as Business Services Professionals. Your readiness to help and answer questions as they have come up has been HUGE these past months.

To: Bradley Plesz
From: Mary Lile

I had the chance to work with Bradley. He is so pleasant to work with and very polite. He made doing the physical inventory very enjoyable.

To: Bradley Plesz & Jason Taylor
From: Andrea Cordova

It was truly wonderful to include video recordings of Ph.D. and DNP graduate hoodings in our Spring 2021 Virtual Commencement, and it would not have happened without you. Thank you for making this possible during another year of challenges.

To: Brandon Poulliot
From: Jessica George & the rest of the Pre-Collegiate Team

The Pre-Collegiate professional and student staff would like to thank Brandon for his thought-provoking student training on May 19th. Brandon provided our student employees with new ideas and resources for engaging high school students in the virtual classroom, several of which we will be trying out during our annual Summer Academic Institute for Pre-Collegiate high school students this June. We are grateful for the time Brandon spent preparing and facilitating this very helpful professional development opportunity for our student employees. Thank you, Brandon!

To: Brian Mann
From: Ellen Burkart

Brian is always so willing to jump in and help to answer my questions when I need another perspective when working with students – even when it’s not a student in his advising caseload. I really appreciate him for being so flexible, kind, and willing to help.

To: Brie Escobedo
From: Bailey Ashida

Brie is a breath of fresh air! Her sunshine personality lights up the whole room, even if it’s virtual! Thank you, Brie, for being an amazing coworker, friend, and coach to the students.

To: Cindy Rhoads
From: Anon.

I am so grateful for Cindy’s support of employees in my unit. Because Cindy processes FMLA, she often helps employees when they are at their most vulnerable. Her kindness and care know no bounds, and she is always willing to guide someone through the FMLA process and help them along the way. Thank you for everything you do, Cindy!

To: Crayton Daniel
From: Tiyana Hardney Vela

I’m tardy to the party for this praise but wanted to thank Crayton again for facilitating an informative and valuable presentation on social media accessibility. Thank you Crayton!

To: Crayton Daniel
From: Claire Ami

HUGE shout out to Crayton who helped with the heavy lifting for the marketing materials and push out on social media for the AAPI Teach In Events. Thank YOU!

To: Deann Barrett
From: Anon.

Deann cares so deeply for employees, and she always has the answer you need! I have reached out to her for help on several things in the past year, and she is always willing to help and guide me through anything I need assistance on. I’m grateful to have such a knowledgeable colleague in LAS.

To: Eric Mason
From: Alex Koehler

Eric has worked tirelessly during this past academic year. Eric was always the first one at our Athletic events and the last one to leave. We had so many schedule changes, cancellations, etc. and Eric always did what was best for our student-athletes. He did not have a weekend off, except for maybe 2 this spring semester. He never complained about any of it. Eric definitely deserves the Kudos and then some.

To: Hayley Palmer
From: Jenn Wells

Hayley jumps in each classroom and does the teacher’s job while they take a vacation. She is thorough, helpful, and leads circle time so well. The FDC is so thankful to have Hayley in our school family staff.

To: Jacob Guilez & Jina Fagerburg
From: Crayton Daniel

Thank you both for all your help in creating buttons and signs for the Picture on the Plaza celebration! They looked so good and we will be able to use them at future in-person events.

To: Jeff Foster & Gabby Hensley
From: Andrea Cordova

Thank you for coming to me a year ago offering to take over design/production of our Commencement program. It is great to have it back in-house. I appreciate all your great work – from fresh design to color photos in our online/digital version. You are awesome!

To: Jennifer Biga
From: Jessica George & the rest of the Pre-Collegiate Team

The Pre-Collegiate professional and student staff would like to thank Jennifer for her valuable student training on May 19th. Our student staff learned many new things about financial planning and retirement. Participants were engaged and motivated by Jennifer’s presentation and discussion, and we are grateful for the time she spent preparing and facilitating this very helpful professional development opportunity for our student employees. Thank you, Jennifer!

To: Jina Fagerburg
From: Jeff Foster

Thank you to Jina for jumping in and helping out on a stack of dozens of forms, helping with metadata, outside her normal responsibilities. I’m lucky to work with talented folks who are always willing to lend a hand.

To: Kristina Coggins
From: Jen Furda

She has been an AMAZING special event “conductor/cat herder” for the 150th UCCS mini lecture series. Everything from helping with speakers, media, promotion, location and day-of operations! Just made it all look so easy and they all went off without a hitch! AND she did it all with a smile on her face!!!

To: Kristina Coggins & Elizabeth Isringhausen
From: Andrea Cordova

Thank you for all your efforts to pull off the Picture on the Plaza event. This first-ever event truly would not have happened without you and your wonderful event-planning skills! Words are simply not enough to express my gratitude.

To: Lauren Shakes & Sloan Gonzales
From: Tiyana Hardney Vela

Thank you both for helping me identify and recruit scholarship recipients for an upcoming photo shoot. You both show your kindness and willingness to support colleagues and I truly appreciate you!

To: Leonardo Signorelli Stevens
From: Crayton Daniel

Kudos to Leonardo from Web Services for helping me put some code on the website. This is not my area of expertise but he was able to explain to me what needed to be done and he made it a priority to complete the task. Thanks for your help and patience, Leonardo!

To: Lisa Buckman
From: Brad Bayer

Lisa recently completed her first year in her new role as the Director of Veteran and Military Affairs (VMA). She’s to be commended for her leadership, poise, resilience, and vision, as she did this in a primarily virtual environment during a global pandemic. Services and support for UCCS military-affiliated students advanced over this past year and key outcomes were achieved by the VMA Team. Lisa has a bright future ahead. Can’t wait to see the VMA Team continue thrive in 2021 – 2022!

To: Lisa Flicken Darrow
From: Jenn Wells

Lisa runs the T-2 classroom with precision. She has done this for 10 years and has a special rapport with each child at the Family Development Center. She constantly communicates with parents about their child. Her attention to detail with each child and every parent, college student worker, and staff is above and beyond the norm. Her caring kindness lightens up each day. T-2 could not run without her! Thank you Lisa for doing so much with your generous heart.

To: Liz Bunkers
From: Kayla Gronseth Boyer

Liz coordinated with the sustainability team to bring alumni to campus to plant trees for COS150. As an alum and a staff member, this was a blast and kudos to Liz for being so proactive and passionate about the UCCS Volunteer Program!!

To: Margie Oldham
From: Claire Ami

This is a month late BUT…..HUGE shout out for finding an artist to design mugs for the Mug n Mingle group 1 yr pandemic start anniversary and help continue the momentum of community and morning water cooler talk. You’re a big ally and always love the “snips” you take to remember our meetings by. Starts my Mondays and Wednesday off to a smile! Especially when I see people with the mug!

To: Mikayla Greenfield & Casi Frazier
From: Jim Spice

A few months ago our Parking & Transportation Ops Manager resigned to take another job. We were left with no HR liaison and no one to submit PO’s and SPO’s. When we asked Mikayla and Casi for assistance, they both volunteered without hesitation and with tremendously positive attitudes. Thank you so much to both of you for everything you have done for us. We couldn’t have survived without you!

To: Paul Deniston & Arletta Session
From: Andrea Cordova

I truly cannot thank you and the Bookstore team enough for organizing the Commencement mailings to our graduates during the last 14 months. Who would have ever thought Clydes’ would become the headquarters for this project. I know the mailers did not make up a missed in-person Commencement, but they were appreciated. It simply would not have been possible without your willingness to do it not once or even twice, but three times! You are the best!

To: Sarah Long
From: Anon.

Sarah juggles the everyday duties of hosting GPS/First year student seminar program, as well as serving as the VP of Staff Association. This past month, she organized and assembled the annual longevity awards, all virtual! Major kudos to the work she put in for this, as well as finding an opportunity to still find ways to recognize staff! Way to go!

To: Shawn Hood
From: Lisa Potoka

Shawn is amazing! Shawn and I were recently on a search committee together. Shawn’s excellent communication with the candidates and committee members helped the search process go very smoothly. We could not have done it without Shawn!

To: Stephanie Hanenberg, Brad Bayer, Sabrina Wienholtz & Anthony Cordova
From: Andrea Cordova

Thank you for lending your voices to the Picture on the Plaza event. Your involvement was greatly appreciated. Having graduates’ names read was such a special treat for everyone!

To: Todd Casey, Sam Adams & Robyn Firth
From: Andrea Cordova

Thank you for all your assistance for not only our 3rd Virtual Commencement Ceremony, but also for our Picture on the Plaza event. Having you all to provide the most accurate graduate lists possible was invaluable. I know the number of follow-up graduate complaints would likely have been much higher if it weren’t for your numerous graduate reviews with me. Thank you!

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